CCP - please fix your game

Me and about well everyone else is getting tired of the MESS.

In jita there is BOTS, RMT non stop and just never ending bugs

Jita is a cesspool.

The people there are mostly rude so it’s advisable to avoid this place whenever possible


you are right … your screen is a mess

for Bots and RMT stuff: report report report
there is no other way … we need to report
they get locked or not … CCP has a look in all that reports and if they dont find something its what it is … keep reporting it as much as possible
if they get 100 reports on 1 guy … then they know there has to be something
but … if they cant proof the boting or RMTing … they cant do anything … make screenshort or send chatlogs

ok to the chat … its still a bit hard but it gets better i guess
i think its a lot of work … hope it gets better …


The chat disconnecting in Jita is a blessing, not a curse.


I agree server stability been dodgy as long as they working on it I can have some patience after all EVE sort of teaches it.
As for bots and RMT that is to blame on ccp management and the low resources they decided to dedicate for security also on the fact that the same team has to deal with other issues than just bots

That we definitely can agree on.

Oddly enough it really does not bug me since I play solo most of my time in eve. I am just part of chat groups to to talk crap while waiting for a target to jump through a gate.

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Wait, Jita as a local chat?


Speak for yourself, you’re not in position to represent anyone else.

It kinda sucks. Personally am staying docked until the majority of it passes at least. Just can’t function doing anything more serious with this going on.

As for the bots, they designed a very bot friendly game from the ground up with various already automated functions + multiboxing. Thats 2 outta 3 already builtinto the game for the bots. So in all seriousness, W T F is anyone expecting ? The game practically screams for botters to come over from other places.

On top of that, the Chinese players, though many are not bots, many are and do bot, and are here and more coming over. They have botting “ingrained” into their culture. Again, W T F is anyone expecting ? Pair this up with the bot friendly game mechanics + multiboxing + security team consisting of 2 guys and maybe, maybe some additional personnel on occasions and what do you get ? Is there anyone actually surprised at it and stupid enough to expect a different result ?


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