CCP/PA Please fix chat or give us a ETA?

About 5 minutes ago all my in game chars dc’d and reconnected and then dc’d again about 20 times.

This is just past a joke now. It has been months and months and they can’t seem to fix ir correctly.

Also burying my post, was to abuse mechanics all

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It must be your ISP™ :stuck_out_tongue:


For real, how long must I be patient for, 6 months? oh wait that time passed and they cant seem to fix.

I assumed with the patch hitting this joke of a mess was fixed,

Guess I assumed wrong.

I’ve always felt the best way to get them to fix the game is to threaten to go outside and see if the sun is still there.
They might be afraid that you discover what you’ve been missing and decide to never come back. :lollipop:


Or that you shoot the Jita monument. :smiley:

Must be tough for you. Without jita local, you cant scam as much as you used to.

worlds smallest violin being played

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I would have felt bad for the guy but probably the same dude that didn’t follow through on a promise of doubling my isk

Scammer tears are as salty as any other.

/collects those that others have missed.

Even though Serenity is a terrible scammer, she has a point with this chat system being a complete heap of garbage. The developer who created this mess has probably already left CCP and that’s why all the issues and constant connection issues won’t get fixed at all.

Typical #CCPQualityCoding

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Get discord

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True enough, chat is currently a clusterfuck.

IMHO they should have deployed an existing well established platform on a powerful backend, I’m assuming of course that the current decentralised platform is an in-house one; there’s plenty of established chat clients out there that can handle the load.

The chat service is running on Amazon Web Service servers. You can’t get more powerful than that. And yet, the previous actual inhouse solution up to the change had no issues at all by comparison. There were no disconnects when TQ itself was running, there were no possibilities to tinker with the server because everything was in one place, and so on.


Who cares about Jita local.

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No loss imo

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Good. Hope it stays that way. If one has to go to jita for some reason, minimizing local is the best option anyway. jita is a sewer and it’s local is a waste.


Never could figure that out. Or Jita in general.

Do normal players even go there for non event reasons? Scammers and lazy KB padders make up 99% of the Jita population from my experience. It’s been a few years but even back when I’d painstakingly block all the scam spam, the remaining people were chatting moronic racist ■■■■ that would get them a beat down almost anywhere in my city.

lol was forced to moderate my OP because of community being so salty

Nooo! I post funny things there sometimes, and read funny things there too.

Well and that is when you get it all wrong… the original chat system was part of the TQ cluster and your connection to the “chat server” used the same socket your client communicated with the “game server” (more likely that the game and chat server were the same process in the server node) that was fine but when you get too many players in the same system it leads to problems because all that local spam that have zero impact on the actual game itself is creating a huge load on the server and more importantly on the proxy we all use to connect to the other system nodes so it ruins the experience for everyone… The idea behind the new chat is that as a micro-service hosted outside the game core infrastructure (systems nodes and other related services) any additional load caused by the chat is handled by other servers in this case inside Amazons cloud… and it is using a very common protocol (XMPP) that should be easy to implement… But now your client has the responsibility to sort itself out and reach those servers and that is when weird things start to happen, maybe because of the client getting stuck or the server side of things breaking up, hard to know for sure without access to debug logs from server and client… It is a good ideia and compliant with the modern data-center architecture but CCP’s implementation is clearly flawed and needs work…

Somebody once said that not everything related to this problem is CCP’s fault but I respectfully disagree, as a consumer it is never OUR fault so only rest one entity to blame. A piece of software has to work as advertised!