CCP/PA Please fix chat or give us a ETA?

I got so used to local not being available when I lived in my wormholes, so I enjoy this thread very much :popcorn:


If they just removed local we could get rid of this problem and AFK cloaking. :shinny:

Edit: Oh, and get rid of Jita spamers. That would make it all worth it.

Because it is not their fault entirely to what is happening. Their biggest fault is that they went with this kind of rework anyway, so something fundamental rather than particular. But the idea of this kind of solution was not their too:

The rest is development of a software piece that have to take into consideration this:

In effect chat is having issues fairly regularly, its for granted now that it will not be repaired permanently.

The current issues with chat that have been ongoing for months now have been discussed at the highest level internally - I’ve been speaking with quite a few people regarding this, as it’s something that needs to get fixed as soon as possible.

We currently have people looking at why the current issues are occuring - no update or ETA on a fix at this stage, but when we know more, the community will too.

In the meantime, please don’t rant on the forums, and if you see any issues that you feel need our attention, please file a bug report, or a ticket depending on what you need.

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