CCP please remove structures from 0 warp in's

Was running the drone roulette escalation when I warp to the site and it lands me 0 inside the structure, can’t get transversal because of 0 velocity and bam dead please move structures away from 0.


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So are you warping to zero, or is this a jump gate you’re using that’s putting you at zero?

“escalation” there is only a warp button in the agency no warp at range, which means 0 is the only option.


You can’t bookmark it so you can use the bookmark to warp at 50 or something?

How do you book mark an escalation?

Idk, I don’t really do much PVE. Try right-clicking it from the journal or wherever it exists and see what options you get. If there’s a save option, then you’ve got a bookmark.

Just tried no option anywhere right clicking does nothing…

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rgr that. sounds like an actual poor design choice by CCP then. Maybe file a ticket and explain what happened. And if you’re fighting at zero with no transversal, maybe take something tanky instead of kitey next time until they fix it. a good armoured drone boat like a myrmidon or hyperion, can’t go wrong with gallente tbh.

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A bs or bc will get wrecked traveling there, lots and lots of roaming locals around, Light is my only option my ship was completely fine for all other stages I could have tanked that stage fine if i didn’t bug into the structure.

Also how do you make a support ticket? I don’t see the option in esc menu anymore.

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f12 > “go to help center”



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You warp in first in a pod dummy then make a bookmark then warp to that bookmark at range.

Your going to warp into every single mission in a pod first? so instead of doing 20 in a day you only do 6? Don’t be silly. Structures are not men’t to imprison you at 0. Not to mention this is null sec someone can combat probe your ship and steal it while your away.

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You mentioned an escalation that got your ship blown up I offered you a solution for the next time,now you change the issue and expand it to missions and other pve,well I’ve done alot of pve lvl1 to lvl5 missions all types of ded and escalation sites for guristas,blood raiders,rogue drones,and quite a few types for other pirate factions and I don’t recall landing in a structure on any warp in except this drone escalation drone roulette.As for the nulsec is scary and so forth leave the ship in a friendly citadel if you got none leave the ship for the 2mins it takes to bookmark in a safe away from most celestials

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If you mean just for that particular mission in the future then yes you are right, thanks.

I’m going to say this like people told me a couple times this week welcome to Eve online you never know when someone going to pop up and be right on top of you and you’re screwed especially if you leave high security space anything

below 0.5 you’re taking your life in your own hands literally anything below is 0.7 you’re running a risk of getting blown up anyways because cops won’t get there fast enough if you don’t have a good enough tank then you have the gankers who are going to blow you up laugh about it move on I learned a very valuable lesson this week when I lost an orca

because a standard Supply run when south of the band of pirates landed on top of me right outside of gate in a 0.4 do I think some of the game mechanics could be changed or modified you’re right I do like wardec a one-man Corp and the only reason he has the corporation is so he can have them engineering set up to do manufacturing with because he enjoys mining

not fighting but some jackwagon comes along and thanks because it’s a one-man Corporation and they have 20 million laying around they just want to burn Bethel just Wardec which I think is absolute BS and I don’t think she should be allowed but there again

I would pay extra money to get like an inventor ability pass to where I can come in and just mine and not be bothered by other people I think there should be Zone or you can just go in mine and not have to be bothered by the PVP

I think that should be allowed in low sec and all and null sec only but that’s not the way the game mechanic work and never will so just learn to use your d scan constantly every time it stops hit the button again I haven’t mapped my middle Mouse button personally but that’s me

Once again welcome to Eve online

Fly safe
And use common sense

PS yes English is my first language I’m dyslexic I try I apologize if it’s hard to read

this is not about security status. It is about an escalation that puts you directly stuck inside a structure. Thus if your fit is not made to tank the full room while being stuck, you are dead.
It happens from time to time and is really irritating. Cpp would reimburse your I think if you provide screenshot of ship stuck by the landing point. Stil this is a bad situation, taht should not happen - and most likely a bug.

I wonder if you were to be probed down would the resulting pinpoint take the warping party to the 0 point, or to you. Could be a useful defensive bug. Still bad design though. There’s a Sansha DED that has a bug like this in it.

You can also be stuck in angel unrated site where you have to kill several officer to unlock gate. If you activate gate close to asteroids, your ship can result in being stuck in the asteroids, while the rats close in.