Combat scanning ship inside star

So while scanning sigs I also hunt drones as well, can’t have them all alone, drones need a home too :slight_smile:

Sometimes I’ll spot a ship on dscan and scan down those as well. I’ve gotten quite a few frigates, shuttles, a couple of retrievers and a few T1 indies.

But every now and again I’ll scan one down and it will be inside the star, is there any way to warp to it or do you have to approach and burn to it to board?

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i saw some ships in the sun recently, you warp to them just like you would the scanned drones, note that when I landed in the sun I got kicked out in a random direction at absurd velocity

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Yeah I tried warping to them. Closest I could get was 200k km I think.

I think they changed the mechanics last year. Now when you try to warp to inside a planet or sun, it warps you off to some random (?) point outside the object. You used to land inside and get catapulted out.

CCP did make a change to warp behavior around suns; I don’t know how you would reach objects there. Players in general could try filing a Support Ticket with the location and info about the abandoned sun-diver, to see if GM’s will remove them to prevent additional player frustration.

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Flying into a sun ought to transport you to wormhole space.

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You used to not even get catapulted out. I have bookmarks inside the sun of several systems. You could even anchor an MTU or Mobile Depot inside of it.

You can still pilot to the center, you just can’t warp there. I have been in the middle of a planet in lowsec a few times, with the hostile forces swarming around the outside, very frustrated.

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