Ship left at Sun

I’ve combat scanned down a ship which I believe has been ejected from. It would seem is inside a sun. I have the bookmaek from the scan but when I fly to that boomark there is nothing there, but the ship still shows up on a 0.1au scan.

If there any way to get onto the same grid as this ship?

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You can no longer warp inside of the sun. If you want to get to that ship, you will have to manually fly to it. Load up a fast ship that is cap stable with an MWD and fly inside of the sun to get it…


This is also a hilarious way to troll players in low sec and null. Warp to the sun, MWD inside of the sun, and even though they can see you in local and can probe you out, they still can’t warp to you…


So it’s a perfect “hiding” spot :smiley:

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You could also hold a combat tournament in the middle of a star and nobody could sneak up on you.

So a little more info, I warped as close as i could and aligned towards the ship. changed the dscan to KM and the ship is about 397,000 km away, thats 22 hours at 5k m/s… less than ideal. i assume that there is no way around this, i cannot warp thought creating BMs until I at least get on grid, I have to start hundreds of thousands of KM off

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But there could be 10k PLEX in the cargohold of that velator. You should check.

its a Punisher, nothing special, but still… how would they have got it there if you cannot warp into a sun now… If they manuallly flew it there then… well what can I say.

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You can fit an oversize MWD onto a punisher. They can go wicked fast.

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Interesting, I may check that out

EDIT: the best speed I can get out of a Punisher with a 50mn MWD (and cap stable so you dont run out fo cap every 40 seconds) is 7756 m/s that is still an awfully long time to travel 390,000 km

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It sounds like a fun problem for you. Be sure to blow up the ship afterward, so the guy who left it there will know somebody appreciated his content.


that was the intention :smiley:


So if i make a bookmark inside sun can i warp to it directly or i keep stranded at 5k kms away?@QuakeGod

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It will deflect you off of the surface of the sun at a weird angle. You cannot warp inside, even with a bookmark.

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Scanned a pod that was inside a sun. I would assume the character is no longer active. I think it is Major Tom, who left his Zephyr as a ghost ship…

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Be sure to link the killmail. :wink:

First of all … it’s a star. It’s not the sun.
“Sun” is literally the name of our star.

With that out of the way …

Those were the old stars.
CCP implemented this bounce for some reasons I don’t remember.

They were, in general, rather interesting.

The old stars had some weird … uh … let’s call them gravitational anomalies …
… where one could warp forward, while actually warping in “circles” without ever turning around.

I had some interesting times probing an empty hurricane close to the local star,
at 100%, for over an hour, constantly passing it by and not once turning around.
Every 100% just got me closer and after an hour I’ve finally managed to land on the same grid.

That was super interesting!

The new stars are worse than the old stars.
By worse I mean boring.

Of course I’ve eventually began analysing the behaviour of the current stars.
For some reason I have a structure bookmark literally at the center of some star.

Must be a glitch. Warping to the bookmark in the star warps me to the structure.
The structure isn’t there anymore, by the way. Someone removed it.
Not gonna say who. :3

.) Warping into the star is not possible; it drops you out early enough.
.) Warping onto a bookmark too close to the star drops you out early.
.) At the star, warping to a bookmark too close to it can warp you into the opposite direction.
.) Some warp to bookmarks too close to the star does not seem to register.
.) Bigger stars are easier to get closer to, than smaller stars, due to their size. D’uh.

That’s all I have so far.
There’s definitely more data to be discovered.

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i’ve decided not to go for it, at the max speed i can get out of a ship it will take me between 12 and 16 hours to get on grid with it and then you know what will happen… one of those bloody disconnects.

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