CCP please

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Try making something more formal rather than memes out of it and maybe they will listen.

You can also try and tag them directly so they are noted and they check out whats up, you got source of these things they can very well act on it.

I am unfamiliar with which CCP is responsible for what, otherwise I’d tag him now to help get this more exposure. Maybe try tagging them all!

Probably because they’re sick of hearing about it through private channels.

If it goes to public channels and becomes a dumpster fire, it’s a lot harder to ignore.

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I’m not sure what your point is? that market bots exist, yeah thats kinda old news, but they aren’t as common as you seem to think.

that there is a price disparity between omber/silvery/gold variants? it happens, and not just with omber.

@Bjorn_Tyrson you know more about it?

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more about what? yes market bots exist, but they frankly aren’t very good, and not nearly as many people use them as you might think. it takes very little time and effort for a real person to scan their market orders and update as needed, and if nothing else is going on, a single person can easily babysit a hundred orders or more every 5 minutes.

multiply that by hundreds of players doing the same thing at the same time in market hubs, and of course your going to end up getting outbid often on high volume items.

as for why compressed omber costs so much more than silvery and gold varieties. thats a simple matter of supply and demand, omber is one of the primary sources for isogen, isogen is generally one of the limiting materials in manufacturing, so there is higher demand for it than for many others.
the supply of regular omber is also much higher than for the silvery and golden varieties, so if someone wants an order filled faster, or needs massive quantities of it, thats the one they are going to buy because there simply isn’t enough volume of the silver/gold.

higher demand leads to higher prices. and for large scale industrialists its more important to keep the production lines running in order to produce large volumes, than to put things on hold for weeks or months for an order to fill in order to maximize profit margins.

Did you just try to put an argument together about the current price difference holy ■■■■, you make absolute no sense in the industry. :rofl:

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having been doing industry since 08, this isn’t the first time i’ve seen price differences like this. they aren’t terribly uncommon. and from my own personal experiences, I would much rather pay more for the baseline ore and have it fill in a day or two, than save a couple hundred mil and be stuck waiting for weeks for the higher %ores to trickle in.

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Tbh I’m not expecting a response on it here tho, I have ‘tried’ pointing out certain activities of these over the last 2 years through support service most part.
I will just keep posting obvious funny stuff about this or when I trick bots and screw their prices, every now and than, until they will update their (trade)bots. :+1:

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‘Bot Reporting’, ‘The War On Bots’, etc. That use to be CCP’s rally cry, now … nothing.

Great title. So informative! the initial post is extremely well written and clears it all up.


Was about writing the same, it’s a tremendous improvement over previous posts.

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Threads like this are not particularly helpful nor constructive. If you encounter someone that you believe is botting in-game, you can right click their name and report them to Team Security. Otherwise, if you wish to discuss the economics behind why certain ores are higher or lower priced, I’m sure the folks over in Market Discussions would be happy to talk to you.