CCP, question about sticky threads

DMC respectfully kneels in reverence.

Hello mighty CCP Overlords,

I was just wondering if there’s going to be Sticky threads here and if you’re going to transfer the Sticky threads from the other (I don’t really wanna use the term ‘old’) Forum to this Forum ?

My question actually pertains to my thread in the ‘Missions & Complexes’ sub-forum called FACTION STANDING REPAIR PLAN (‘The Plan’).

The info contained within that thread is still valid and helpful to the Eve Online playerbase. Even though ‘The Plan’ was originally placed in Evelopedia which was discontinued, I used links from the ‘Wayback Machine’ so players could still access that info…

The main OP of that thread contains links pertaining to ‘The Plan’ while the rest of the thread mainly consists of Questions and Answers that also contain a lot of info.

I’m also concerned about my thread in the ‘Out Of Game Events And Gatherings’ sub-forum called CALIFORNIA EVE PLAYERS (USA) which serves as an Eve Meet location / notification / mailing list for the state of California, USA.

Anyway, there was a lot of time and effort invested into those two threads. Is there any way you can transfer those threads here ?

DMC crosses his fingers and toes in hope that the mighty CCP Overlords will hear his plea and perform the miracle transfer.

Discourse has “pinned” threads, which are close enough to sticky threads. Users can individually unpin threads, after which it no longer shows up as pinned for them (but is still pinned for other users).

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Marked. @ISD_Max_Trix @ISD_Bubblemoon @ISD_Stall

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Hi there,

Just so you know, we are currently working on reviewing and updating sticky’s. While I am not able to make the decision to pin something myself, this is possible.

If you feel these topics are still useful and up to date please transfer them over when you have the time to do so! You’re welcome to send me a private message with URLs to these topics if and when you move them over.

Fly safe o7

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ISD Stall,

Thank you very much for the reply. I guess our mighty CCP Overlords missed my plea.

Anyway, I will definitely take you up on your offer asap.

Thanks again.