CCP Seriously

When you guys actually gonna fix the game and make alliance motd editable again?
Still not able to edit alliance motd or anything.

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This is unacceptable. How can they expect anyone to undock without an edited MOTD to tell us the daily weather report and other things that make it possible to play the game. /me folds arms in unrest.


CCP, this is series bisniss. Thousands of MOTD editors across whole cluster cant do their work, cant feed their families, they have become completely and utterly abandoned, cant to their work properly. Its your falt CCP. /folds arms and legs in unrest


Hehe, it’s just annoying because basic tards like me use alliance motd to list timers etc. :slight_smile:


It’s just a small hich up, i am quite sure motd writers everywhere will be back at work sooner or later. Negotiations for a higher motd rate are sensitive, so please have some patience. The United Writers of Motd has demanded a 12% rate increase, CCP is willing to give 8%. So they are ways apart, but we’ll see if they can reach a settlement…


Gian please git gud…

be nice if i could see more than just recent speakers again too>.>

I heard unrest so I’m just here to

Srs though I don’t really see why they had to change that

Oh Darn, the MOTD People are trying to revolt! I better Silence them!

For Real though, it is a Work in progress. We have seen massive improvements in stability and control over the last few weeks, and more to come. Just give it a little time.