CCP, stop making augmentations/apparel different for male/female

There is no difference…

Again…how you FEEL does not matter…just how you were born…

This defines you as man or woman.

And as long as science is not able to change it,you are stuck with it…

Maybe next century will show a solution…

Again…i’m not against “the change” if one really wants it …i just don’t see the point with todays possibilities…


I searched a bit in old game forums because i knew i heard of this in an older game(baldurs gate as i know now…

Seems this theme is older than you all think…and seems we have to use magic :slight_smile:

See that it refers to “gender” and not “sexuality”?

You all got it wrong.

This is about transvestism and OP is discriminating people who choose to wear different clothes of the opposite sex by suggesting apparel needs to be gender neutral.

Clothing is always gender neutral…

I mean who hinders you to wear a skirt as a male if you fit into one and your legs are ok? :slight_smile:

Nope. Only two genders in your ignorant view of the world. History and culture disagree with you.

As long as this is the fact,means as long has science not invented a way to literally change your genetic code,REALLY turning you into a male or female from the opposite all tries to “change gender” are literally stupid and pointless and even the try should be forbidden.

Uh, right, because the most important thing in a person’s life is their genes and making any changes without genetic changes is pointless. Tell me, do you even know what your sex chromosomes are?

Nope, that’s just you being ignorant and proud of it. There are clear differences in concept between sex and gender. One refers to identity, social roles, appearance, etc, and the other refers strictly to chromosomes and reproductive organs. Thus the difference between “be a man” and “be a male”, where mentioning your XY genes is not a compelling reply to someone calling you a coward.

i just don’t see the point with todays possibilities…

Then perhaps you should ask some of the people who do it and try to understand the benefits they experience. But maybe they’re all just clueless and failing to understand how miserable their life is without having their genes change…

See that it refers to “gender” and not “sexuality”?

And now you’re adding another layer of ignorance.

Hint: sexuality is about who you are attracted to, not your sex or gender.

Calling people with a different opinion ignorant is the SOLE definition of ignorance…but if you have to to feel better you seem to have to right?


I made my point,science is no whishing well…and any “definition of gender” to “explain diversity” is simply not relevant…

Only XX and XY count,just the facts,no feelings or believes…

I’m out because of real life…

Men have been wearing skirts throughout all history as early as possible and across many different cultures as long as women if not possibly longer than women though so that doesn’t really count as an example.

It has nothing to do with whether it fits or not but about trans people choosing to wear clothing that identifies as being from the opposite sex of what they are themselves.

So what about really fat women wearing men’s dress shirts way too small for them or guys wearing tight women’s jeans with huge bulgy crotches or bras with no boobs to fill them (unless they are really fat men).

See nothing to do with fitting but about wearing clothes that are intended for the opposite sex.

If OP demands the clothes be the same for both sex/gender (or whatever any of you think it is) then it discriminates against transvestites who think that opposite sex should be different like that and the whole reason they choose to cloth themselves as such.

Which leads to another point some brought up, why can’t men and women clones dress as transvestites in Eve online?

This is the real debate here.


Don’t mind me, just going to cut this off ahead of the pass.

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