CCP, stop making augmentations/apparel different for male/female

For example, the new holiday facial augmentations are red for females, and white/silver for male.

The Empyrean Dragons jackets also bug me - they look entirely different…


Can we stop this?


Why can I still not wear women’s clothes? :<


First world problems… :scream:


What the ■■■■ are you on about? Literally nobody said anything about gender dysphoria you clown.


I see here that nothing needs to be flagged and why it was is a thought crime. :face_with_monocle:


Oh dear not a thought crime.



Who said anything about revamping character creation…?

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too lazy to make a new meme with apparel learn to read between the lines its called imagination


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Breasts. Duh.

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Topic is about colors but everyone shits around genders, character creation and no WiS…


Well, in my opinion the color scheme for the Apparel items should be more consistent among the various NES Apparel items.

Take for instance the color hue of the Women’s ‘Corsair’ Heels (brown), they don’t really match any of the NES items and the only exception that I’ve seen is the stock Brown Leather Vest and Jacket in Character Customization.

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We don’t need this gender crap here…

Gender is a dual thing defined by genetics nothing more…

Get adult and face the scientific facts.

“Diversity is just watering the straight.”

– Balos Tritapo / Duro Peripar

Nothing like a troll demonstrating their ignorance and doing a better job of making themselves look bad than a hundred critics could ever dream of.

PS: before embarrassing yourself again perhaps you should learn the difference between sex and gender?

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Sex is what genders do to each other?

Nope, sex is defined by biology, and it’s not solely restricted to male and female.

Gender is something else entirely, it’s a social construct that refers to societal roles and relationships based on the concepts of femininity and masculinity; as such gender is somewhat fluid depending on different societal norms and/or an individual’s perception of self.


Go be a SJW somewhere else. Link related:



What’s your point?

Nope.simply nope…only two genders in reality…

And eyery try to “change gender(or sex if you want to make this point clear because this is basically the same regardless what kind of social construct you are referring to)” is of just cosmetic nature…

As long as this is the fact,means as long has science not invented a way to literally change your genetic code,REALLY turning you into a male or female from the opposite all tries to “change gender” are literally stupid and pointless and even the try should be forbidden.

Sry but this is called opinion you may have yours but this will not change the fact…

Feelings of sole beeings are no factor in a scientific approach to this theme.