CCP successfully eliminated ganking

Fixed that for you


And despite that, the CODE mining permits haven´t raised its price.

Best value than ever!


Congratulations on finding a garbage fit procurer that died.

Now let’s get down to brass tacs. Yes, ganking got a buff. No, it has not received an oppressive buff. Yes, highsec is more dangerous. But the same people who were feeding kills to gankers and highsec PvP’ers will continue to feed kills. And the people who knew how to avoid becoming food for wolves will continue to go about their business with minimal losses.

Complaining may be cathartic, but it won’t keep your ships alive. Adapt or die.


I can still remember the carebear arguments from the last time we got an all-around HP buff. It was something like: “The Catalyst got the HP buff too so no one was favored.”

In the same spirit I would like to return now: The Catalyst got the HP nerf as well, so it is still fair.



can i have your stuff?


Well, mining itself discourage a lot of people to play EvE online, because someone convince them that it’s what they should do to earn early money (it’s wrong), and seeing how boring and non profitable it is, they became bored and leave.

As for your Friend, maybe help him learn how to actually play the game?

I play since last December, and two IRL friends followed me in January.

All of us still have to even see a ganker even try to kill us.

So, stop torturing your friend with your mining BS, YOU are the one making him a gank magnet and the only person to blame.

In all honnesty a “Friend” pushing me to mine in EvE, or to farm equivalent content in any MMO, will receive such a huge spam of insults from me that I would destroy my keyboard in the process.


making miners and newbs and newb miners bait / fodder for high sec gankers seems like a real quality way to improve the over all sand box experience.


Yeah cos they have no will or agency of their own?

You must really hate them to think so little of them.


I’m just saying if you want to improve pvp improve pvp - delving further into the fragfest mentality will not attract new players.

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But not being killed is far more about being aware and evasion than having a massive tank.

And attract new players? I really doubt thats possible with the game in such a dull stagnant state.

I dunno, you just seem to be of the opinion that a slight reduction in HP will have a bigger effect on population than actually helping people evade or protect themselves.


They require someone to take care of them, therefore they complain when they have to take care of themselves and don’t understand how or why it’s their fault when they’re not doing so. They feel entitled to being taken care of, which is rather sad. I’m pretty convinced an orwellian society is exactly what they’d wish for.


The horse shouldve kept his Revolutionary spirit and stamped on Napoleon. Snowball was a peacenik.



George Orwell?

Animal Farm?

I don’t remember that one at all. I was more talking about 1984 and Big Brother.

Ah ok.

Well sensible Proles volunteer to join the Securitat. :slight_smile:

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I really need to read it again. Shouldn’t rely too much on the tidbits I kept in memory.

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Its cool, your point stands very well.

The losers in Orwell are those who stand by and do nothing. The winners are those who manipulate the system.

Always win. Always :wink:

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Speaking as a relatively new player and predominantly a miner…are you telling me that solo miners are going to have to pay attention to dscan now? I’m going to have to think about aligning? I"m going to have to switch my mining buff fits with defensive stuff? I can’t start roid mining at my warp in point? OMG, the horrors!

I’m mining roids in a system with 15 belts. If a solo Catalyst finds me and kills me, it’s nobody’s fault but my own. Plenty of time to escape, unless he’s incredibly lucky.


This guy gets it

Good on ya m8 :slight_smile: