Ccp? Who is who?

Which CCP member’s are responsible for what? I want to use this post as a reference to go back to if and when I need to @ them in a future post. Tanks :smile_cat:

Funny thing. I the past when specific devs stepped forward to p[resent ideas and changes rage mobs would form, demanding their executions or at least mild dismemberment followed by termination of employment.

Given that? They tend not to be so forward, these days . . . go figure.

In addition there is the fact that it is seldom ONE DEV responsible, it is a team. CSM deal with the teams (usually) although occasionally we talk directly to specific movers and shakers within the teams. For that sort of access I would suggest you run for CSM next year. (Too late, this year) OR petition the new CSM to represent you . . . some of them might even answer.

Beyond that I would point you to the Eve Community team. Good luck.


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