CCPlease do something about all the referral link spammers in starter corps

Every single starter NPC corp is plagued with characters spamming their referral ads for the 1M skill points. They often use obnoxiously large ads that fill up the whole chat window, causing disruption and annoyance to everyone who’s just trying to chat. Blocking them is only a temporary band-aid, because they just keep making new characters. It doesn’t look great for new players when the corp chat is filled with what looks like an in-game version of scam emails.

Please prohibit the posting of these ads in starter corps. Let them do it in trade hub local chat where no-one cares. Maybe add a Report Spam option to character profiles that sends a report and blocks them. In the meantime I urge everyone to report them via F12 > Get help > Submit a request > Game Play Support > Rules & Policies.



CCP should have proactively prevented such or declared it as against the rules and a bannable offense to prevent this.


Btw even in local chat of random systems away from major trade lanes you see this spam pop up too on a regular basis along with the fact they just recycle disposable alpha characters which also should count as an exploit as the only intention of it is to get around being blocked.

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one positive change: the link creation should only work for omega characters.

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Getting beyond a joke now. Imagine being a new player and this is what you’re greeted with. Do something please.

One line of code could be used to remove the ability to do that.

or just add “” to the chat filter.

Yea, i agree with this. Spamming local makes sense, but spamming corp chat is predatory against new players, which i think should be avoided.

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