CCPlease: More Granularity for Mail Notifications in EVE Portal

Among other things, I like using EVE Portal to receive push notifications for personal EVEmails; however, some of my characters are constantly barraged with a gazillion corp and alliance emails that I don’t care to be notified about on my phone. It would be great if the singular “New Mail: Feed/Push On/Off” option could be broken down into “New Personal Mail”, “New Corp Mail”, and “New Alliance Mail” control options so there is granularity as to which kinds of mail you actually want to receive in EVE Portal. That would provide the ability to cut back push notifications by an order of magnitude or two and would be a relatively effortless change on CCP’s part (unlike the game, there’s not much in the way of code rot in EVE Portal).


I’d get a lot of corp ads if I left new toons sitting in the starter systems. I don’t know what’s going on with you, but I’d move any toons at least a few jumps away from starter and career systems if you don’t need them there.

These are EVEmails from corps/alliances my characters are in, not solicitations to join new corps. Eg. Fleet ops, war updates, other announcements, etc.

Oh, lol. ■■■■ me.

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