Corporate mail

One of my corpmates said that “back in the day” EveMon was able to get corporate mails for notification of POS/Structures being attacked. I have looked at the current API and can find no method that returns corporate mail.

Is there anyway to access these notifications?

So you can use the character’s mail endpoint to also get corp mails, as its the same thing as a personal mail but with a diff label. However i think you’d moreso be interested in EVE Swagger Interface, which includes corporation notifications such as WarDeclared or OwnershipTransfered etc.

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Thanks for the quick response!

Labels appear to be limited to mail sent to me. What I’d like to get are the messages that show on the Communications / Structures tab. Specific example is POCO under attack message. Do you know if these are available?

Right yes, as i mentioned you probably want to look into the notifications endpoint instead of the mail endpoint. See the link in my previous post.

EDIT: Seems it’s not actually expanding. Will want to expand the Character section and will see which subsection is expanded as well.

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That’s it! Really appreciate your assistance.

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