ESI /characters/{character_id}/mail/ can't send mail to yourself?

I’m working on a simple app and I’ve run into a strange problem. Whilst I can send an evemail to the corporation, it appears when I try to send it to myself it never arrives:
For example,

mail = {‘approved_cost’:10000, ‘body’:body, ‘subject’:subject, ‘recipients’:[{‘recipient_id’:my_corp_id ‘recipient_type’:‘corporation’}]}

The above works fine, whereas:

mail = {‘approved_cost’:10000, ‘body’:body, ‘subject’:subject, ‘recipients’:[{‘recipient_id’:my_character_id, ‘recipient_type’:‘character’}]}

Does not work as the evemail never arrives, even though I get a Mail ID in the response. I’ve checked my CSPA settings and it’s set to 0 so I’m a bit confused.

EDIT: Further testing reveals that I receive the mails fine in the Android app, except I don’t get a notification. I still don’t get either a notification or a mail in the EVE game client though? Bizarre.

Mails sent to yourself will never generate notifications for the current client session. If you log out and log back in, you’ll receive it.

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Ah gotcha, thanks. Was trying to figure out a nice way of notifying me in-game of market things, but I guess evemail isn’t going to work.

Just use a random alt you rarely log in as the sender.

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