[Solved] Mail sent from /characters/{character_id}/mail/ is not delivered

I am trying to send an Eve mail from a website and I can see that I get a 201 Created returned when I execute it, so it looks correct on my end, but nothing happens in game. I verified that the character Id’s are correct.

When I try to send it directly from the swagger UI for the ESI, the same problem occours. I get a 201 Created, but nothing happens. Something wrong with the endpoint?

Does sending from the character to the recipient in game work?

Yes, that one works.

Just checked my script, server work fine
Something wrong with the endpoint for u :thinking:

have you tried returning the evemail.

i’ve found that starting an evemail on an app tends to not work, but when responding to an evemail, it works.

My system is not yet setup for that and was not intended for that either, so attempting this will requires some adjustment.

I just dont get how the swagger UI is not working for me.

Ahh quick question. You cannot send a mail to your self over the endpoint? Because thats kinda what i haev been trying. Sent one to an alt, and that one arrived without problem.

You can send an evemail to yourself in game (just tried it)

but What I was thinking was seeing if you can send an evemail from the client and respond to the evemail from the website.

Okay, so there is still an issue. I fail to see a “reply to email” endpoint. What steps are you thinking of?

maybe there is something from ESI that you are missing to allow to write evemails and not just read them.

… Well… Apparently nothing was wrong with the system at all. My EVE Client was acting up, because I did a relog of the client juuuust in case and now I can see all test mails I have sent in the last 3 hours.

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