CCPlease Stop Posting This!

I get excited and think I can buy it… and then I get this:

I’m sure there’s someone that can figure out how to code that so it doesn’t show up on someone’s “feed” if they’ve already purchased it.

OR…just let us buy it as many times as we want. I’m good with either.



I know right… so misleading when I see that and try to buy it again.

But once they said that they would not sell skill points. A game that has outlived its usefulness.


Remembering is hard

Also, its probably valid on one of your other accounts


Ok. Then maybe you should invest in a notepad, or a dictaphone.




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That’s funny, but things can (and do) change from time to time. I was “allowed” to purchase the latest 2m SP package…so, there’s that.

Maybe CCP are deliberately rick rolling you. :upside_down_face: :psyccp:

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The OP is a poor attempt at a humble brag.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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CCPlease don’t stop posting this.


You’re usually right, but not in this case. They should fix it (where it doesn’t keep showing up) or allow people to buy as much as they want.

*Not Mr Epeen

You can buy it on each of your alternate accounts so it is still relevant to you.

I don’t want my alts getting too smart…

I want SP’s for my main, even though he doesn’t need them.

Is there a 12-step program for “skill addiction”?

You will buy skill points and you will like it!


With isk yes :smiley:

I already can fly a Catalyst.

No need for skill points.


I heard someone mention Catalysts in this very thread.

I am intrigued.

Was there a sale on? What is everyone going on about? If it is not on the left side where we click to open the account then we are not going to see what ever ad they put in on the launcher.

Better yet how about we see a full screen slash page everytime a pilot undocks.
There is a moment of blank screen, that is prime ads space right there.!

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