CCPLS - RMT will be the Final Demise of EVE Online

Please tell me how you can buy them without investing extra money in addition to the subscription. I am curious. The items, clothing and skins in particular, on the market are only available because someone bought them with additional money besides the subscription. Without investing extra money besides the subscription, they are not available for ISK.

take a look at this thread and read through it:


Reality of RMT from a ex-eve player who RMT’d his whole career in eve… over 1.5…
I started eve about a year and a half ago and was instantly in love… after learning about mechanics and skill points and what it takes to fly…

This is what happens when you make Nullsec ratting 100% safe with absolutely 0-risk, and FAIL to ban botting. The intel mechanics that currently exist in the game make it far too easy to program a bot that can make itself 100% safe at all times.

CCPLS!!! This game is going to die because of this ■■■■. Make EVE Scary again, make it require an actual RISK to get the reward! This welfare crap is getting out of hand. This is not WoW. This is supposed to be EVE

Yup. Now lets see how many trolls of bot farmers, multiboxers and all that other crap show up here and start claiming sanbox, ignorance, no proof when proof is everywhere in their faces and all other kinds of ■■■■.

I think the best idea would be to just split this game into seperate servers. One for us and one for them, where bots and all those shits get to stay only with other bots and shits. the other server for the rest of us. Actually active, legit players.

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That’s not possible. CCP has no way at all to figure out with certainty what a bot is and what not, let alone what RMT is. Mostly, their efforts are blanket banning unrelated people who just happened to accept a contract of an RMTer, for instance, and then deny that unrelated person for weeks or months a recompensation and reinstatement of their services because EULATOS. Not to mention that those people would come over to the Active Player server and ruin their day because their botting server is boring or just because.

thanks for telling us. You’re the only one who knows thee truth. the real truth. what would we do without you. you’re the only unbiased one around here and thank bob you exist, otherwise we’d all fall for CCP propaganda.

dude, you’re embarrassing.

Skins fall in drops, as doesclothing or through buddy promotions. SP is earned as part of the sub and none of those ships are money only.

Like that.

@CCP_Peligro said there will be a dev blog SOON™ regarding bots and RMT…Expect it somewhere around 2035 AD :smiley:

I think they cannot deal with the issue so far despite the bans, because people always find workarounds. Abusers seem to always be one step ahead.

To be honest I felt good when most of the ISK from ghost training was taken back…So, another Dev blog will make me feel better to know that there are some results.

Some skins are pure loot drops without availability in the NES, and those are the good skins. CCP also lets some discontinued skins drop as loot in events. The vast majority of the skins are not available as loot drops or by any ingame gameplay means. Same story for clothing where only a tiny portion of the items is available through PD, the rest is purely extra money dependent.
Since you can now buy SP without earning them as part of the subscription (something CCP promised in the past would not happen), this point is crumbling. How fast and how profoundly remains to be seen, but the precedent is set.
The ships are not money only; however, that CCP moves away from their sacrosanct mantra “everything in the EVE economy is player produced” is cause for concern. Not only could you buy these ships for RL money as augmentation of your free trail, you can now also get fully fitted ships from LP stores. Not special ships that are faction hulls, but ordinary ships that were until now purely player produced. Another precedent and it also remains to be seen where this goes.

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Yeah as I thought another ridiculous fantasy.

Whatever you say, man.

it’s really hard considering anything he writes, when 99.9% of what he writes is just bashing CCP one way or the other. if there was god, i’d say this tyrant asshole of a god enjoys making people blind to how they suck at Life.

Let’s have happy thoughts:



Now back to this misery.

While I agree CCP could do a much better job of banning bots, every MMO has the scourge of RMT’ers, and to a lesser extent, bots. I also play LOTRO and SWTOR, and you can’t go more than 5 minutes without seeing RMT spammers in general chat. I also see obvious bots in those games, but I gave up reporting them, because neither of those games seem to care, either. At least in this game, you can gank their bots :sunglasses:

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RMT will not kill Eve. Loads of RMT goes on everyday, completely sanctioned by CCP and embraced by the players and the game keeps trucking on. The game is playable, and no one, at least any more, claims the game is broken by the RMT that goes on.

Unsanctioned RMT is bad for the bottom line yes, but only hurts that. Whether you buy ISK from other players on a sketchy website, or via PLEX, all that changes is how much currency goes to CCP, but the effect on the game is the same. Sure, it may serve as an incentive for bad behaviour like botting and account theft that may affect my game play and no respectable Eve player should do it, but the the act of exchanging in game power/resources for real cash is pretty innocuous, even good for CCP (see: skill injectors).

CCP should and will fight RMT to protect their profits, but it will always go on in some form in such a complex and open game like Eve, probably much more than people think as per that Reddit post. They can’t win absolutely there although they have to keep trying, but they could change the game to make botting significantly more difficult and this might be an area they could see measurable results. Actually developing the tools they said they had, but by now it is clear they actually don’t, to scan player behaviour and automatically detect EULA-breaking automation would be a start, but also changing the game to require more varied player input could make a difference. Anything can be automated I suppose, but some more risk and increased demands on player response should make automating at least the most lucrative activities harder.


I am really shocked the cartels have not forced CCP to shut down this thread, or CCP themselves out of embarrassment. Of course there is massive RMT in the game. One of the bloggers, who is highly respected when it comes to his detailed research of the Eve RMT industry, pegs it between 2 and 3 million U.S., annually, in sales.

But there is zero chance that CCP will every actually go after the big movers inside EVe’s RMT industry. Think Clear and Present Danger: Cortez and Cutter.

Wait… so “the cartels” (?) and CCP work to make millions off RMTing, even though that kills the source of those millions?

Well thats an open and shut case.

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Last I checked they were making most things free to all alpha AKA non-investors. That is a very strange way to “milk” something.

Six months ago I gave CCP a list of commodities that were infested with market bots - Today, all the items are exactly the same with 90% of the buy orders on them being bots.

12 weeks ago I submitted to CCP details of a toon which had a trillion isk of RMT contracts against their name, hundreds of sells. They did nothing till I put his name on a forum, then the account was finally banned. As for the isk he sold, if you bring up the contract histories of those that bought isk off him and then look at their own contract histories you can see that they are still buying isk via RMT off other toons. So they definitely didn’t have any of their isk removed when he got banned - in otherwords they banned him because I went public and then did nothing

7 weeks ago I submitted 51 names of toons, along with a wealth of evidence, that were market botting the Jita market. 37 of these had clear RMT contract histories from where they had passed on their ill-gotten isk - all of these are still operating. (I spent many days and billions of isk gathering this intel, ensuring it was correct, and the original ticket is still showing as being forwarded to team security and then nothing, still open as of now)

Over the last 2 weeks I’ve submitted the names of 83 hauler bots, which are running 24/7 out of 4 different locations, again nothing, they still run 24/7 except when we take matters into our own hands.

Many others have contacted me stating similar, that the number of bots have increased significantly, that they have submitted names along with evidence and then nothing.

I wouldn’t mind as much but they are doing nothing, absolutely nothing to halt this and the bots are brazen with it. They don’t need to be one step ahead as CCP does NOTHING and has done so for months

The thing I don’t get… Is having that much disposable income to throw at s game. 300$ for a titan or even 50$ for a jump freighter… Not including the plex or subscription costs and skill injector costs… That seems crazy. And even if I had a spare 300… And I mean truly spare 300… There is so much more you could do with that to have fun. I get RMT is s problem but well… It just boggles my mind what people will spend money on.

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When you’ve played this game for 10 years you will find that players spent hundreds, even thousands on a game. Personally, I pay 3 subscriptions and that’s enough, but even that, if you tally that up over 10 years adds up.

When you talk RMT, real RMT, your not talking about one guy botting 3 or 4 accounts, but businesses which have invested a lot of time and money and are running hundreds of accounts over a number of games. Just goodle isk for sale and have a look at the websites, check what games they cover and have a look at sellers feedback histories, at the volume and amounts involved.

I knew a guy once who bought enough plex legit via CCP to buy a titan and titan pilot. I don’t even spend that kind of money on a car but he did just for some pixels…

Some people have a lot of disposable income. It’s all relative. People can spend a couple hundred dollars on a couple concert or sporting event tickets for an event that lasts maybe 3 hours and not even blink…

Thanks for this thread. Sometimes, it takes publicly shaming the devs to get them to act…this is unfortunately true for other MMOs, and not just this one. It’s going to get worse now that Alphas have access to more skills.

Edit: Meant to reply to OP, but thanks to Mathra as well for documenting various bot fleets.

How about you also take into account all the other things CCP has done since (alpha injectors the most recent)?
How about you start thinking about why CCP introduced alphas in the first place? Hint: It’s not to hand out free goodies while expecting nothing in return.

The introduction of alphas isn’t CCP being benevolent. It’s just a smaller step in their larger plan to desperately chase free to play & instant gratification idiots with deep pockets. CCP started that gamble a few years back and so far it still hasn’t paid out, nor is it going to. They essentially killed their golden goose because they were too greedy and are now just keeping it on life support waiting for some miracle to happen.