Out of control

I in Jita this morning have seen 10+ RMT contracts in last 3 hours, all between 1-7b

RMT is completely out of control right now, Me and others who spend a lot of time in jita have been seeing a massive amount of RMT contracts going on.

Some specific ones have 1 dude moving TRILLIONS of isk per week.

Not to mention what we DONT see is probably a 100 times worse

We have been reporting the Obvious rmt cotnracts for months now and these people are NOT getting banned, we just keep seeing same dudes doing it.

To be clear these are not scams, these are people selling nad laundering isk.

To add to the insult of GM’s not even replying to some of the report petitions that have been open by my friends for MONTHS NOW, we get SILENCED on these forums for discussion or complaining about it at all.

Has CCP completely given up?


It’s not ccp’s place to care about that anymore.

Pearl Abyss is the one that is in charge/affected.

Name and shame them. Screenshot the contracts here.

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lol name and shame?

there is hundreds, if not thousands in last month

Ahh, that is to much for name and shame… fair enough.
This is sad

Just confirming that I have never received a reply from CCP when reporting RMT, nor have I received a reply when I submitted a ticket asking what was the best/most useful way to report people RMTing.

The biggest one I am aware of is FaronSKY Macaronsky

For someone who appears to actually use their RMT account to play the game as well, MOBI DIKSON:

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This is disgusting. How is it even possible that THIS is tolerated?
This screams RMT loud and clear

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Reason #4530298243098 to remove CONCORD:

The currency system crashes and all isk is lost.

If you have reason to believe someone is involved with RMT, I urge you to send a mail to Team Security so they can look at the case. Responses regarding RMT are never discussed publicly, so a response will not be forthcoming. On those grounds I am closing this thread. Thank you.