Censorship or moderation?

I recently posted and ISD Drew apparently did not think my post was worthy of keeping.
It was removed after receiving 4 likes.
Is this censorship? or is this moderation?


That is moderation.

While they posted that forum rule, the rule for not abusing ccp etc could count as well.

2. Specifically restricted content.

EVE Online holds ESRB Teen and PEGI 12 ratings. All content posted to the EVE Online forums must be teen rated.

In addition to this, the EVE Online forums are not for discussion of real life current affairs, news, politics or religion. Discussion should revolve around EVE Online and its community.

For these reasons, specific content is prohibited on the EVE Online forums. These are:

  • Pornography
  • Profanity
  • Real Money Trading (RMT)
  • Discussion of Warnings & Bans
  • Discussion of Moderation
  • Private communications with CCP
  • In-Game Bugs & Exploits
  • Real World Religion
  • Real World Politics
  • Content that distorts the forum layout


If any pilot has an issue or complaint regarding the conduct of our forum moderators, the EVE Universe Community Team can be reached by contacting communityteam@ccpgames.com from the verified email address connected to their EVE Online account(s).

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