Centering the portrait pic

Hello together. I have problems centering my portrait pic. On one of my chars I manged to adjust for the head in the pic and with my second char there is always a large part of the body. I wonder what went wrong.

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woah! I was wondering the same thing today too. my potrait is kindly too much to the left.

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I tried to grab it with the mouse to move it, but that does not work.

How are you getting the close ups (like the pic on the right)?

I can only get ones like body shots (on the left).

Not sure how I made that. That is the problem… :sweat_smile: The close-up was the first char I made and I still try to reproduce the result on the second. So far the result was ok. But I could not manage to get that in the pic-frame.

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From experimentation:

  • Use the Pose Options to change the large scale “what posture are you?”.
  • The mouse wheel moves you backwards and forwards in the frame.
  • Hold the mouse right button to move up/down/left/right in the frame.
  • Click and Hold (left button) on the forehead (fairly high up) to twist the head on the shoulders.
  • Click and Hold (left button) on a shoulder to twist the body.
  • Click and Hold on various facial features to change the expression.

And a lot of patience.


So by scrolling in/out then clicking to save you get the zoom in/zoom out pic size?

Not sure - long time since I did the whole “re-do my portrait” thing. I like what I have and don’t want to risk breaking it.

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Thank you very much. It worked nicely. :star_struck:

In which case if you are after a large portrait from Eve’s Image Server:

Not sure I’ll get used to pure Amarrian with Minmatar tattoos and allegiance.
(you get the character_id by doing a search against the Eve database using EVE Swagger Interface)

LOL* you are right but its fine to me. I make what I like. :sparkling_heart:

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