Character Portrait

I recently was playing around with my characters appearance and discovered when I try to take a new picture, the camera never centers on my character. I don’t know how to fix this.

that sounds like a bug. might want to file a bug report and submit a support ticket.

how do i do that?

And you can file a bug report in-game by pressing F12 (iirc).

Have you changed your UI scaling by any chance?

I noticed a couple of days ago that with UI scaling on something else than 100% the background square is in the wrong spot compared to the rest of the portrait. When you take one of the 4 pictures the smaller picture has the face in the right spot with the right background, but the larger picture seems off.

Is this what you mean with

the camera never centers on my character.


It’s a small bug I guess. And like Shipwreck Jones said, filing a bug report is a good idea and may bring it to CCP’s attention.

I just didn’t know that you could right click and move the character.

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