How do I reset my character portrait?

Hello fellow capsuleers,
I have a problem with one of my chars (the one posting this, to be precise). Somehow, the set-up for my portrait shot lost focus, so now the head is squeezed into the bottom right corner of the shot. I can rotate the head, change attitude, expression and so on, but I cannot change the position of it. Does anyone know how this might be fixed?
Thanks, Claes

In a statuon if you look where the undock button is, you’ll see buttons for different station services. If you see a t-shirt icon, that means you can redo your characters looks clothing etc and portrait

Thank you, I realise that this the function where I should be able to do this. The thing is: I cannot find the button, drag-point, crop frame or whatever it may be, that allows me to center the portrait on my face, rather than on a spot at the wall above and to the right of it.

You cannot move the camera or crop the picture.

However, you can move your character. Move the head, turn the eyes, move the chin, put up a smile, stand close to the camera, stand far away. Change the lights and many more settings.

There are a lot of options in the portrait editor, give them all a try!

Click and drag with the right mouse button, I think.

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Perfect, that worked @Xeux. Thanks a bundle.

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