[CERTIFIED MERCENARIES ✅ ] - The Marmite Collective - 😈

(Tora Bushido) #145

Good morning everyone. May your hunt be good and your loot be sweet.

Hire Marmites…

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o7 …

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Moved this to Corp & Alliance Discussion given that it’s a thread about a corporation and how terrible/awesome they are.

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(Tora Bushido) #197

Good morning everyone. May your loot be good and your contracts keep coming… :yum:

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(Sikandar Cole) #200

A recruitment / services thread turned tournament of urination between Empire mercenaries, who would have anticipated that?

I am going to endorse these guys, because I like them and because even though I don’t particularly like what they do, I would do it in a similar way if I did.

My exposure to them was primarily as an E-Uni diplomat. Marmite provided our newbros with experience in effectively reacting to high sec wardecs. Unlike the scores of others who saw Unistas as easy targets, incapable of defending themselves from lack of experience, Marmite’s gameplay was without the miscreancy common to other groups who relentlessly hunted them for profit, by those who for whatever reason disliked the Uni enough to harass it’s new players anonymously.

Overcoming the fear of wardec’s by new players, which drove many from the game, was not an easy task for the instructors and staff. Marmite was unique in providing a PvP experience necessary for their survival, and later became a fundamental skill set in navigating high security space, which surprisingly terrorizes null sec players and continues to baffle me.

I can tell stories of my experiences with these guys involving my mentees and Ivy League’s only high sec wardec, but I’m not going to since the communications were privledged. Suffice to say that I Marmite has demonstrated a support of EVE University beyond expectations, and one which has attracted our alumni to it’s ranks.

If you like to explore this sort of thing, there is no finer alliance to employ or join. IMHYEO

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(FlipMoe Squad) #271

Marmite, you rock! Congrats on 7yrs of serving the community…and being a major element in the new environment. Sucks I have to put hazmat suit on now while playing, just sayin’


(FlipMoe Squad) #284

Woot marmite. 7 years in and still going, are you insane??! Just kidding, nice job.

(Tora Bushido) #375

Hire Marmites today. We have less times for forums, as we’re actually killing people in game. Ohh i mean we’re all dead and docked up… :smirk:

(Tora Bushido) #419

Thank you. :kissing_heart:

(yellow parasol) #420

Hilarious. :grin:

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(Tora Bushido) #614

Hire Marmites. We even rock on vacation…

(Mortlake) #615

Marmite made me the idiot I am today.

Thank you, Marmite :skull_and_crossbones::slight_smile::skull_and_crossbones:

(Tora Bushido) #620

In need of mercs that will hunt your targets down? Hire the only highsec mercenaries that offer this service.


(Tora Bushido) #621

People can delete all they want, but nothing beats good friends in ugly places. :smirk:

(Dom Arkaral) #622

Amen to that

(Tora Bushido) #623

Marmites getting bigger and better every day. Join highsec’s number one mercenaries.

(Dom Arkaral) #635

Hire Marmite

Look above for delicious elitist merc tears :smiley:

(Tora Bushido) #636

Run awayyy, Marmite is coming for you …


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(Tora Bushido) #641

And another good day for Marmites. We’re growing bigger by the day, enemies are getting ganked by friends, sun is shining, the weather is good. :smile: