Change Cheetah and Helios bonuses

After recent update factional Covert Ops frigates divided to ones that got usable bonus to scan deviation and ones that get useless bonus to cloaked speed

I suggest changing Cheetah and Helios
5% bonus to ship max velocity when using Cloaking Devices
5% reduction in scan probe scan time per level

So we’ll have
Anathema and Buzzard that have 6 second scan time and bonus to scan deviation
Helios and Cheetah that have 5 second scan time and NO bonus to scan deviation

PS please note that tick time in eve is 1 second

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Where do you see those traits for those ships now?


Caldari Frigate bonuses (per skill level):
5% bonus to Core and Combat Scanner Probe deviation
15% reduction in warp drive capacitor need

Without modules and implants scan time will be 5.62 second which rounds to 6

If you think the Cheetah bonus is useless, then fly one if the Amarr or Caldari ships?

I loved the speed of the Cheetah before, and now it’s even better. This is a big deal in so many sticky situations.

That religious or corporate swines?
If CO couldn’t fit nullifier speed would be useful
If you need cloak speed bonus than you’re doing something wrong

What if I’m traveling on grid to provide a ping? Or approaching something before I light a cyno? Maybe I don’t want to warp out of a bubble, I only want my enemy to think I did? What if I don’t want to launch my probes to get a better warp in and give myself away? What if I need to get out of a bubble while I’m cloaked? (Not gate cloaked)

And fitting isn’t free. You can’t always use the nullifier and fit everything else you want.

There are a million other different situations that arise in this game, and you don’t always have the ideal ship for the job on hand. Saying there is one right way to use/fit a ship is just not realistic.

No support.

Bonus to scan deviation means less time spent scanning.
Bonus to scan time means less time spent scanning.

We already have two covert ops explorers with bonuses to less time spent scanning, why would we need 4?

I like that we now have two ships that help scan quicker and two ships that help move quicker. Makes the bonus more unique instead of all having variations of the same bonus.


The speed bonus is useful for many situations. I prefer to keep the speed bonuses as those are more useful to me.


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