[closed] Scan devotion for the Buzzard seems wrong

Hello There,

i was exited about the new changes for the covert ops ships and have tested out a few fittings.
after a few fits, i have tried all 4 Covert ops with only core scanner and probes like:

[Buzzard, *Simulated Buzzard Fitting]

Core Probe Launcher II

Sisters Core Scanner Probe x8

All following values with an empty Clone and Scanning-skills all 5
Gallente Frig skill 3
Caldari, Minmatar, Amarr Frigates 5
Covert ops Skill 5

The Scan devotion is different. especially for the Buzzard.
i got following numbers for Scan devotion:

Buzzard 0,07365…
Anathema 0,0527…
Helios and cheetah 0,0703125

Anathema and Buzzard should have the same Value, but they dont. also, the value should be lower than Helios and cheetah. for the Anathema it looks correct.
if the number is lower, its better. so it bugged me, that the Buzzard, that should have a better scan devotion, has a slightly higher number. on the other side, the Anathema looks great, and how it should look for the buzzard too.

it seems the changes havent reached the Buzzard yet … but i wanted to address this before it goes unseen in the game…
maybe others can proove that right or wrong with their testing about that.

im also unaware if this is an GUI-error… i dont have anything scanned. it could be only an GUI error.

Fly Safe

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Yea, it seems the bonus of the Buzzard has the wrong sign and makes the scan deviation worse instead of better.

You should flag one of the Dev’s? I wouldn’t know who to point this out to.


Skill caldari Frigate should have an arrow pointing down, as less deviation is better.

No idea why both the Buzzard and skill from caldari frigate are on there, seems double to me as both are the Buzzard’s bonus per level of caldari frigate to scan deviation.

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Have checked the buzzard on the live changes today -

All is fine !

the topic can be closed - the devs had seen it or was aware of it anyway :slight_smile:

thank u for testing and aproving. now the Buzzard can be King again <3

Yep, seems fixed! Nice :smiley:

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