Small Gravity Capacitor Upgrades !BUG ALERT!

Tech 1 10% bonus to scan strength
Tech 2 15% bonus to scan strength

Tested on buzzard after realizing my astero had just 1 point less scan strength than my buzzard with the exact same rigs/modules.

Two Tech 1 rigs = 20% improved strength = 121 scan strength in my buzzard.
One Tech 2 rig = 15% improved strength = 123 scan strength in my buzzard.

Either the tech 2 or the tech 1 is not functioning as it needs to be functioning. I should have more scan strength with two tech 1 rigs at 20% versus 1 tech 2 rig at 15% increase, but I do not. I think the tech 2 rig is working as intended by the tech 1 isn’t

Have you put in a bug report?

Press F12, and do the thing.

Thanks, wasn’t sure how.

Do you have other modules that affect scan strength?

You are aware of stacking penalties, right?
2x +10% rigs does not give a 20% bonus, especially if you already have a module that gives a bigger bonus that 10%.

The rigs actually are not effected by stacking penalties and increase your base strength by 20%. Futhermore even if stacking penalties were in effect, you would not see any type of decrease, only a small increase.

hum… I’m pretty sure bonuses are multiplicative and rigs are affected too, but if you say so.
I look forward to seeing what your conclusion is.

Be sure to test it without any other mods to eliminate any other influences. Base ship + rigs, no scan modules

Thanks, I sent the bug report in. They can take a gander.

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