Higher scan strength in Probe than in Heron

Hi everybody,

I have a question regarding the scan strength calculation:
I have been flying a Probe for a some time, and the scan strength bonus of my Probe is 30% despite a level 2 mastery level.
Now I would like to try a Heron, and the scan strength bonus is only 15%, corresponding with the level 2 mastery level.

I am not sure where the difference between the 2 ships comes from, any parameter I am missing ?

Thanks !

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What is your level of caldari frigate and minmatar frigate skill? IIRC each lvl in these adds +10% to probe strength for heron and probe respectively. So if you have minmatar frigate skill higher higher than caldari frigate then your probe will have higher probe strength.


probably that ^

also possible your probe had a scan strength module or rig fit and the heron fit doesn’t.


Bonus is per skill level of the ship masteries are more like guidelines and not entirely correct all the time either

Case in point - porpoise and orca. Mastery 5 dosn’t require any mining drone skills.

You were right, I got my Caldari frigate skill up 1 level, and my Heron scan strength bonus is now 22.5%.
The ship mastery level is rather confusing, good to know that every skill is not necessary to get the bonus.
Thanks for you help.

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Ship mastery is more of a guide as to which skills are useful for making given ship perform better.

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To get a mastery in a ship you have to meet all of the prerequisite skill levels.

So for example, you could have lvl2 in all skills for that ship and have mastery 2, or you could have every skill to lvl5 bar 1 skill at lvl2 and still have mastery 2.

They are a vague guide as you to skill you should train but not a great metric for performance.

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