Change spelling of ship classes in Ship Tree to singular OR plural only

I know this is pretty pedantic but it would be great if you could change the spelling of the ship classes in the Ship Tree to singular OR plural. Right now most of the classes use the singular form (Frigate, Destroyer, Cruiser etc.) even though there are often two or more ships per class.

These are classes that use the plural form…

  • Logistics Frigates
  • Logistics Cruisers
  • Command Ships
  • Jump Freighters

I’m sure anyone with OCDish tendencies would be greatful. :slightly_smiling_face:


Would be reasonable, especially since some categories with single ships are in plural and categories with several ships are in singular.

I’ve been playing EvE since before the ship tree was released and I never noticed this.

I cannot unsee this and now it will bother me until the servers shut down. Urk.

#CCPlease fix this.


Does this ship tree spellings bothers you alot. :cry:

Not as much as your spelling, but yes, it does a little.


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