Change to warp HUD meter? ...what's occurring?

Some of my esteemed colleagues at the prestigious Center for Advanced Studies have recently noticed a observable change to the HUD speed/warp meter.

The needle at this moment has a minutia of quiescence upon reaching sufficient velocity to engage the warp mechanics and then the needle simply suffuses to full.

Formerly It would antecedent to the value 0 before rapidly acceterating to full.

We have confirmed this through the observation of older capuleer footage. While simultaneously engaging in a full document scan of all paraphernalia including the previously suplied notations reguarding universal changes, we can find no reference to this intriguing phenomenon.

The exact date of this development is as yet unknown. But it is curently percevied to have occurred subsequent to July 2018 Release 1.0. Tuesday, July 10th 2018.

It is something many people have asked for for a long time, but I can’t find anything about it in the patch notes either. And yes, it started after the July patch.


I wonder who was asking for it, and why?

As yet we have failed to observe any noticable difference to the actual warp machanic. At this point it appears to be exclusively for optical effect.

I cannot find an example post right now, but it was asked for by players who did not see the point in the ship stopping and then accelerating into warp when the 75% speed threshold was achieved during aligning.

It appears to be only an optical effect, yes.

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