HUD showing actual warp speed

The titles says it all: It would be great to have the HUD display actual warp speed, instead of the plain old “warping” text

Hello forum.

Hi, Jokah, if you hover your mouse over the plain old “warping” text while warping you, sir, shall see the actual warp speed.

~Fifie warps to infinity & beyond.


Some tooltips on the game interface are completely incomprehensible, why they exist in such a form, and why the actual value is not written out immediately. This is one of them. If I’m jumping, sometimes it would be really useful if I could immediately see what speed I’m going at. With this, I would be able to detect ahead of time if someone has placed a warp bubble in my path, or if a similar jam is expected, since I either don’t accelerate to maximum speed, or I start to slow down first.
Not all players are incredibly professional, and not all players can constantly juggle with the mouse at such a level that the interface gives them all the information that should be available anyway. After all, I’m sitting in a spaceship, it just says somewhere how fast I warp without having to move the mouse over it or do anything else.

The interface is already too cluttered to add more data. Hover the pointer over the speed and it will show you what warp you’re at, it will take a second…

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I understand you Amon Tobin, but I think, you are wrong in this case. When warping, you have already much less data to see. Also when you are not warping, the current ship speed is always visible; if this doesn’t clutter the GUI, the current warp speed won’t either.

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I understand what you are saying, but it’s not ADDING data, it’s removing useless data to replace it by useful data. We already have the change of color from the reactors to show us we are warping, reading “warping” in the place where normally speed is shown is redundant information.


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