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Can I get the wormhole effects somewhere on the screen??? I shouldn’t need to have someone’s site open to look up all these holes as I go through them just to get the effects and if its a Cx. If I wanted to know the statics and kb activity, then yea sure let me use someone’s site for that. But just to see the %increase to ship attributes, seems like an easy text right next to the system number would work.

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Thats the point.

When you see another ship, you cant tell if they are shooting at you with missiles or turrets until you look at their ship model and see what turrets are on their. There is no way to open up a screen with info that tell you what they have.

You have to know which wormhole has which visuals. Or use a website. Its all info that veterans will know but newbies need to learn.

We have abyssal effects showing in show info window, so I dont know why it cant be for wormholes. Ship scanners could detect such thing automatically, without hassle of finding the correct wormhole in database. Why make pilots life unnecessarily harder?

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Because this is EVE. Harden the ■■■■ up.


No. Go away.


Some people just don’t like change in any form. Having the information on the screen when you warp in should be standard.

Why ? You just have to jump in and look around while still being under cloak to know if a wormhole have an effect or not.

As for the Class, just take a look at the anomalies. You’ll learn quick enough what C# it is. And if there’s none, then you know it’s probably inhabited.

Some don’t indeed. Others just don’t like crap changes.

It would be great to know that this hole will give me; Drone Tracking: -15%, Missile Explosion Radius: +15%, Target Painter Strength: -15%, Targeting Range: -15%, Tracking Speed: -15% as I come into it. I still have to be smart enough to understand what it does to my ship verses other ships I might see. Veterans and locals will still have the advantage but trying to keep this information isn’t the way to help new players venture into these areas. New players don’t know ‘that guys web site’ that has all this information ready to be looked up. And you know you all do it. The more things that you can do without leaving the game screen the better in my mind.

Here’s a hint:

  • “Unknown wormhole” means class 1-3
  • “Dangerous unknown” means class 4 or 5
  • “Deadly unknown” means class 6

A pulsar effect hole has - now some drumrolles for dramatics climax - a pulsar class neutron star in it

A Wolf-Rayet effect class wormholes has a - dramatic pause - Wolf-Rayet class star in it

A Magnetar effect class wormhole has - even more dramatic pause - a magnetar class neutron star inside

A Black-Hole effect wormhole looks like the end of a pancreas from inside and nothing like a black hole, because reasons™

A Cataclysmic Event effect wormhole has a red hyper-giant class star inside

And I forgot the other effect wormhole but all other wormholes just look dark and dangerous inside and don’t do any tricks on you.

A few years ago CCP made those optical changes to w-space so you can spot them right on when you enter and look around.
Find and read the dev blog about it, thank me later and check this out:

The fact that the “solution” to this problem is to use a third-party site just demonstrates that a problem exists. Important information should be available within the game, presented in a clear and useful format. The idea that getting information should be inconvenient to force players to memorize it is utter lunacy. EVE’s difficulty should come from competing against other players, not from poor interface design.


I couldn’t agree with you more @Merin_Ryskin. You get it 100%. And this would be a tiny change that would provide big benefits to all causal gamers. And Eve needs more casual gamers to join the game; they are good to drive content. These are the people that don’t spend all evening every evening reading dev blogs of the past and scouring redit posts to figure out what they should be looking for. The type of gamers that just sit down and play for a few hours a week between real life events. This would be a good change for them and might/maybe make them venture into these areas more. Maybe. But why would it be a dumb idea to bring information to the person while staying inside the game?

[quote=“Merin_Ryskin, post:12, topic:127109”]
utter lunacy
[/quote] is a perfect description of the push back of @elitatwo, @Nicolai_Serkanner, @Shasha_Gold, @Erik_Aihaken, @Nicolai_Serkanner, and @Solonius_Rex. Looks like these handful of gamers think having the a 3rd party’s site up in a second or third monitor is perfectly normal activity. Well, its not. Sorry guys.

Ya kid, I don’t do that. I barely read dev blogs, the last one I read was from the citadel expansion 2 years ago.

It literally takes 2 seconds to alt tab to another window on the same monitor and have eve university up.

2 seconds of alt tabbing. Another 3 seconds of reading, then another 2 seconds of tabbing back to eve.

10 seconds spent to look something up. Yeah, that sounds normal. What do you think people do when they look at walkthroughs? Why don’t all games have all information about everything, readily available on the screen? Why did I have to look at walkthroughs to find out how to defeat a boss I’m having difficulty with or can’t find the item I need to progress?

Yeah, walkthroughs and infographics websites are completely normal. They exist everywhere for almost every game. And no, they usually don’t exist within the game as a popup.

Gamers have become lazy and entitled. Geez.


I remember when I had to go out to buy a book that told me how to beat a boss.

I also remember when I had to trial and error the cr@p and spend hours grinding to pass a section of the game.

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A walkthroughs in this situation would be intel on a specific hole. What I’m talking about is more like instructions. When you come into a hole there are things that all pilots get effected by. So okay nice point but its a little off. The information would more likely be in the instructions area of the game, not a 3rd party walkthrough.

And here is the point. You shouldn’t have to leave the game to find information like this. This is really stupid. And thinking you will get easy kills or whatever you think by keeping this information from people is dumb.

But you are asking for intel on a specific hole. You are asking for intel on the hole you come across, which means you are asking for intel on a specific hole.

And this is exactly what a walkthrough is. Its something that you have to figure out for yourself, or have someone else figure it out for you by looking at a walkthrough.

First of all, you dont need to leave the game. You can go into the wormhole and find out yourself by opening up the fitting screen and info tab of your ship. It will tell you the positive bonuses applied to your ship by looking at the modules and HP/resists.

So your argument crumbles here.

Secondly, no one is keeping this information from anyone, and no one is expecting to get easy kills because of this.

I dont even understand what you mean by this. Has there been anyone here that has claimed that this information doesnt exist?

No, quite the opposite. Weve all told you to go look it up and see for yourselves.

Thirdly, again, you can say that to anything that anyone would need to see a walkthrough for.

When you play Pokemon for the first time, no one tells you that Psychich type pokemon are weak against Ghost. You either find out for yourself, or look at a walkthrough.

When you play Darksiders 3, and youre in the second part of Gluttonys boss battle, no one tells you that you need to use the bombs that grow on either side and have Gluttony suck them into his mouth to deal damage to him. You either find out for youself or look at a walkthrough.

Most, if not all Video games have an aspect of trial and error, where every aspect of everything doesnt pop up in front of you. Wouldnt you agree with that? So why complain about this?


checks setup

I dont see any second or third monitor here.

The problem with you self-entitled casual types is that you lack the creativity to suit the game according to your desired playstyle with the tools already available, or simply take notes on paper or outside of game. Ever played point and click adventure games ? Ever held that 100 pages manual in your hand with all the different ingame symbols to learn ? Same thing applies here …

Plenty of people have played the womhole game casual with a life, kids, work and never resorted to bringing the level of a game down because they feel on some superior level compared to others, once they reach that milestone in life.

Good for you bud, good for you, however don’t start enforcing that pedantic BS about how much your personal circumstances matters over others, or trying to make it a case for on a dumb assumption about the “good of the game”, it’s utterly disgusting, and insults our collective intelligence.

WH Eve is meant to be the “tougher” side of Eve, please stop trying to soften that too, as if it hasn’t been already …

Okay guys. The biggest exception is being taken from players that don’t play the game in this space. Carry on guys.

That’s not the same and you know it. Nobody is asking for an in-game guide to the best strategies for dealing with a particular WH effect, the proposal is that the raw stats (just like ship attributes, etc) are available in-game without resorting to third-party sites to fix CCP’s poor interface design.

And it should be because of things like the difficulty in arranging logistics when you don’t have consistent access to market hubs, the lack of local making situational awareness more difficult, etc. It should not be because information is difficult to access and you need to use third-party sites to find it in a convenient form. Poor interface design is not a substitute for genuine PvP challenges.

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