Changed Password, Cannot Login to SISI

Surely theres a way to either update my account for SISI without an entire Remirror, or to give me my previous password… Sent in a ticket to normal support and they said they had very limited options and couldn’t really help, just because its a Test server issue.

Don’t have any idea what your old pw is? Sounds like RMT

Nah, this account was made 6 years ago (my very first one) as a trial account, passwords haven’t changed much though so I don’t know why it won’t let me login

Sorry I forgot I to add a dumb emote I’m jk. Hope you get it I don’t think they will send you your old pw for security reasons though. Also mirror will probably be soon because of that abyssal thing they’re doing.

A mirror was done only 2-3 weeks ago though, and thanks’
Would prefer them to update my account for SISI so I can use the new password tbh though

nevermind, figured out the old password’

I am having the same issue, but have not been able to figure out my old password. Same issue on all three accounts, just changed the password at Eve Vegas and now unable to access SiSi to test any of the new Abyssal sites with my corp.

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