Changelist 2017-06


  • Enabled more badges.


Character selection screen

  • Deployed a fix for Internet Explorer, users should now be able to click the portrait (instead of only character name) as intended (issue thread)

Style changes

  • Wide theme
  • Increased the width of categories on the index from 45% to 60% to utilize more of the space on the right


Style changes

  • Wide experimental theme
  • Improved the location of the post timeline, this should hopefully cover all overlapping :parrot:


Style changes

  • Fixed inconsistency in “new” bullets in latest threads on front page


Style changes

  • Made the forum background lighter
  • Various sections updated to compliment the change
  • Updated the border of “onebox” (link crawler) to better fit the new background color
  • Made the color for latest links on index darker
  • Fixed font weight on BBCode bolded characters
  • Fixed user cards that were sometimes missing under half the username
  • Fixed tags when users scroll down a topic, they now stay consistent in colors
  • Fixed mentions in preview window
  • Changed primary text font from “regular” to “light”
  • Fixed deleted & added background colors in code blocks
  • Added an experimental wide theme (opt-in available in preferences, read more)

I switched to wide but when i clicked to go back to the front page it went back narrow -(.

*Edit. I forgot to click the save button. I am ashamed.

A post was split to a new topic: Inconsistency in color of new bullets

There is different font in reply window to the font in the post. SOme characters are looking differently, try “~”.

I think it should be the same.

Using something like Discourse was a good idea. Thanks for customizing it to EVE taste

Challenge Accepted.