Changes to Null Sov - Introducing VCUs

Hello everyone,

Introducing the new VCU:

The VCU or Victorial Claim Unit is a new version of the TCU or Territorial Claim Unit. It is available for corporations only to use to claim sovereignty over null sec systems.

The catch is that the VCU can only be used in VCU areas of null: portions of null sec (most likely surrounding lowsec) will have to be replaced by this system, meaning the current owning alliances will have to re-locate.

VCU systems will hopefully attract newbros and minor corporations into nullsec and give them opportunities of owning systems thereby improving player retention.

VCUs will have several marked differences from TCUs, but let’s not give too much away right now :slight_smile:

What do you guys think?

Is it a good idea?

How could this potentially operate?

Thank you for your feedback.

Without knowing the differences, your idea is pointless.


The point is this is a discussion forum and it isn’t needed for me to explain everything about what I think, at the end of the day the exchange of ideas between everyone who wishes to take part in the discussion is what matters.

“Let’s rename TCUs to VCUs to attract new players to null”?

This is features and ideas forum. You haven’t suggested any features or ideas to discuss.

As it is this thread is pointless.

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If you are making a suggestion to add something to the game, I’m going to expect more than just “it’s a thing that does stuff”. Especially when it’s a new variation of a existing mechanic. How does it differ from the current one? How are you limiting it to new corps/alliances? How are you planning on making sure it’s not abused by the current nullsec-owners?

Currently this is just throwing ■■■■ at the wall and seeing what sticks.

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Nope, its “hey people, think up an idea for me!”:

Perhaps we’re speaking two different languages. I commend you for trying to communicate.

Thank you for your feedback.

When I wrote that, it said something like “I don’t want to spoil the details yet”

And you? There is nothing to discuss about the topic atm.

Closing this for lack content of what this idea is about and before it resolves into “off-topic” and personal attacks.

When you have explained what it’s about (edit your OP) you’re welcome to request thread reopened.