Changes to the mechanics of drones returning when windows are closed

Everything is simple here - if anyone doesn’t know, so-called mutated drones have appeared in the game, but using them is simply impractical, especially with the current game crashing.

  • The proposal is simple, make an option that the ship goes into an emergency warp jump only when all the drones are on board the ship.
    -The advantages here are simple.
    For PVE players, there is less writing in the SSP and more use of mutated drones.
    For PVP there is more money for ESS - (otherwise it’s just crazy now)

I don’t see why this is needed.

The cost of a good mutated drone averages from 400 kk to 600 kk; when a window goes out, or rather, when it is forced to close, the drones usually do not have time to return, and as a result, 1 mutated drone is lost. Do the math yourself

mutated drones are for idiots? math concluded.

the extra dps has it’s risks, deal with it or don’t use them.

Yes, I agree they are of little use, and the difference, in principle, is not very strong, but this option will probably help those who will use them more often, otherwise they have introduced a seemingly interesting thing, but which in reality has become a complete nightmare

I disagree.

Wow, a bit harsh there. No need to be rude.

If your client for some reason crashes from time to time, maybe adjust your strategy to reduce your losses when a crash happens.

Less expensive ship, less risky activities, more affordable modules, more affordable drones, these are alll choices you can make.

If you notice your ship often survives client crashes but your drones do not, you could also choose to fly a ship that doesn’t use drones.

I do not see why the game should change anything about this situation (aside from reducing the chance of client crashes).

You decide the risks you take.

Because the EVE UI sucks. Something that was not noticed the past 10 years?

I would like to use the content that it provides in this game as much as possible, but now it turns out that 80 percent or even more in the game is simply impractical to use

The additional risk of losing expensive drones is delibaerate to offset the additional dps you can obtain, this seems fine to me. Besides, I wouldn’t consider delaying a disconnection warp an advantage, EVER.

Also a vpn can provide a more reliable connection, at the expense of a little more latency.

Why take it personally? I’m just some random douche on the internet?

I have already solved this problem, I just stopped using expensive drones, the content is good, but it does not justify itself and it is simply irrational to use it.