Changing bio of athanor

I am looking for a description on how to change the bio of an athanor.
I thought there would be a button with edit but sadly enough there isnt!

Can any point me on how to change it?
(Allready looked in the structure browser and on the athanor itself)

Tnx Pake

You need to have the rights - be the corp ceo or a corp director and in space, on grid with the structure. Right-click it an there should be an option for description or name.

well i tried it and you can ony change the name of the athanor but not the bio of the athanor…
Anyone else a suggestion??


I just use the Structure Browser, right click on the structure and then click Set Structure Bio. I could do this while docked in another station in another region - I’d assume it is some permissions issue if you can’t see it?

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