Changing the belt layouts in 0.0

I was thinking with the way mining works now with the rorq and there abilitie to mine so much it would be cool to have the belts set up in a more hub sattlite formation.
HUB: one ore two very large rocks at the center of a group of rocks this rock is for the rorqrorqs mostly. The hub rocks could be like a center for mining to happen. Where the boosts are sent out and has a present chance of being one ore or another with highest chance of being the lowest type of ore in the belt like spud and the lowest of being arcanore.
These could be rocks that are generated in relation to the big rock up to 47km away and are of much smaller size as to not be worth putting a rorq on them. However they will be of high value ore compared to the Hub rock. These would be ment for a mining barges to mine fast and switch from rock to rock as one pops. Making the barge not just a stepping stone to a rorq but a ship with real role to play in mining.
Deep sattleites:
These would be the most valuable and hardest to get to rocks out 50km or more from the Hub rocks and would be macroxic and would be mineble by the mining frigs because they move fast and can mine them and bring them back to the rorq to drop off or just warp to the station. This would give mining frigs the abilities to mine with a fleet of other miners and make a real valuable contribution to the higher skilled pilots.

Ideas that would help with this.
Ore halling ships that have a shorter warp to range so they can take ore from say a barge that was out mining with deepcore miners to the rorq faster.

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