Changing the way Compression works

i know the way compression is working but this might be a way to improve it as such?
make it so when your mining lasers finish the cycle, auto compress it.
now some of you are now thinking (that will bring on the onslaught of afk mining and potentially botting)
but i figured out a solution. Make the auto compress work on a % basis, so like, 50% of the ore mined gets compressed whist the other 50% doesnt, just a suggestion as it might come useful when it comes to covetors/hulks

Or you can take 2 seconds to compress it yourself right before your hold gets full. But that would require you to not be AFK…

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While I agree, having to do a bunch of essentially unnecessary clicks every 100 seconds is hardly engaging and thoughtful gameplay, I don’t see this happening. Just doing 50% of it automatically is even worse because it’s just a half-finished job that then still takes me the same amount of clicking effort to rectify.

There’s no particularly compelling reason to not have auto-compression. I don’t really care how many people are AFK mining. The greater issue at play here is that mining gameplay doesn’t really have any gameplay at all. Busywork is not a solution to AFK mining, because we have plentiful busywork and plentiful AFK miners. Punishing AFK players is not the same thing as providing gameplay.

But at least you’re not suggesting every cycle has a CAPTCHA to prove you’re at the keyboard in order to actually get your ore, which is what I half expected opening the thread (it’s been a common suggestion for years despite being one of the dumbest possible notions).

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i could see a rig for the orca and porpoise being a thing.

perhaps having the rig simply grants an extra menu option, i’m liking the idea of only automatically compressing a certain percentage a time, so ships like the porpoise, orca and rorqual depending on capacity and mining fleet will have say a auto compress feature of say 10% of the ore hold to the nearest number of units required rounded down.

this way its a nice thing you can do / have if you need to step away for a quick bio break for a few minutes, perhaps the auto feature could require a fuel increase too.

so if you want to multibox and fill up an orca with your mining alts, it can auto compress while you grind, but it won’t be as efficent as just doing it yourself.

this way mining yield vs compression efficency = efficency of mining fleet, so it could be useful for pilots doing pet projects for themselves killing time having fun or perhaps small corp operations, but not suitable for large scale operations for alliance coalition wide fleets. still making team work and being present at the game more efficent then multiboxing.

+1 from me.

so you want more time to watch netflix? or ability to play a game while at work easier?

Then go play X4 Foundations…
or just dont watch netflix…
OR a novel idea…stop playing games while at work!

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Absolutely not. Any change that promotes AFKing is a bad change.

Would you also like to get an NPC hauler to automatically haul the compressed ore to Jita for you once your ore bay is full?

It would be a shame if you had to manually interact with the game while playing, after all.


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