Mining QOL Suggestions

Unsure if its just me, but current compression mechanics are unnessarily tedius.

  1. As it stands right now i don’t see a reason to have compression window at all… beyond a compress button.
    But thats not the point, as you can minimize it to reasonably small size.
    PLEASE for the love of neurons of all miners add functionality to it to compress entire Mining Hold with a single click AND stack all ontop of it. If you could keybind it ontop of that it’ll be a relief.

  2. Please add rigs that would expand Mining Hold. To balance it out make a drawback that reduces total ehp. Just so Hulks for example won’t have to go through compression clickfest every 100 seconds (in perfect conditions)
    So there will be significant EHP difference between shield rigged / mining hold rigged barge.

  3. Least of them all, but could be useful for some - Please add ORE faction version of Survey Scanner with extended range, as for example Hulk with Harvest set can significantly outrange T2 scanner.

I am well aware that all of the above might not be #1 mining problem for most players, but that could make life of many a tiny bit better :slight_smile:


#2: okay, but only if the benefits are moderate and the penalties balanced.
T1: +7,5% mining hold
T2: +10% mining hold
penalty: -5% shield HP

#3: okay, why not. more choices are good, more blingy loot is good.

#1: well, I don’t like the whole concept of shipboard compression at all, mostly because it makes mining bots so much more powerful since it is easy to automate. So I would rather have it removed completely than making it more comfortable… On the other hand I like streamlining UI designs so compression should be as simple as on a station with comrpession service: select everything, right click → compress, done. So yea, if it needs to stay, it should be simple.


the whole botting problem is whole another topic, and imho shouldn’t be prioritized over actual player experience.
As it stands right now its mouseover mining hold- click - ctrl-a - right click - compress - mouseover compress button - click - mouseover mining hold - right click - stack all … multiplied by amount of clients.
All im suggesting here is to replace all that with a single keybind.

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QOL for me would be the ability to tag multiple objects at once from the survey scanner.

I want to select all the astroids of a certain size without doing it one-by-one.


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Agreed, I’m also not really a fan of it, if the aim were really to support player interaction more than they should have just given it to command ships and boosted their (already present) tractor beam bonus, so that they could buy ore on the field from barges.

Sadly now that we have it it is unlikely to go away, so I’m also up for making it less uninteresting. I’m ok for it to be an afk check, but at the very least it should drop the products into existing stacks: that’s something a bot wouldn’t care at all but a player finds annoying

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Yeah, thats what I always suggested about it as well. Compression is a really great mechanic to offer as fleet-service and additional dedicated role of the Mining Foreman Command Ships besides just having it as an semi afk boosting-alt.

Unfortunately. It’s a wasted chance imho to increase player interaction and add a real active job to the mining fleet beyond just passive services.

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Please this. I think stats on all the mining ships just need a new readjustment all together. I want them to keep their uniqueness but just get their stats a bit closer together.

I would also like an option to mine automatically while I watch Netflix.

I heard there will be a Auto-Play button with a choice of PvP/PvE for 250PLEX an hour. Once activated, the player will be able log off for a maximum of 24h with all activities completed including auto-calculated outcomes of PvP fights based on stats and SP/age of the character. :smiley:

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If focusing on the game for about 5 seconds between each two movies you watch is automated enough, ice mining in an orca might be just what you’re looking for.

Note that you can accidentially eject the ore by hitting the context menu item next to the compression, which can be configured to bypass the confirmation dialog, but you can’t do that with compression.

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This is so irritating, can we just move the two actions? Like put everything with an “!” next to it at the bottom of each menu?

i’d like higher quality trolls


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