Chaos Era Continues - Cyno Update

so you removed my thread because of violating the TOS? xD
I can accept that even thought that blocking out info about the competitor will not make the competitor disapear my friends :slight_smile: (@ccp).
I know why you did all the ani cap changes in the last few month but you will piss of people and before people are actually sinking real money into plex (the way you would like it to go) they will most likly close down their accounts.
Your ship type balancing is really really bad. If you don’t want cap ships to be endgame content anymore than just remove the from the game entirly.
Ah yeah btw (little tip) the power block will most likly adept to your shenanigans. As usual you will hit the small null sec crews which will either move to high sec or will stop playing it.
A perfect example of awesome balancing is the covert ops class especially the bombers. Massiv dps output, using a mechanic which does not have a counter mechanic (cloak) and is cheap as hell xD.
New endgame ships will be cov op bomber stop skilling for caps guys :slight_smile:

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Yeah that but i was talking about existing groups who can no longer operate in nul joining the Blocs - Many small/er groups will merge into the Blocs just to be able to play the game.
This is by far the worst outcome for the game as a whole and CCP is actually using new mechanics to push this and force small/er groups into either leaving nul or join a Bloc.


I don’t see the loss of jump drives as being relevant, and who’s to say who an ‘enemy’ is? That nuance will get abused for sure.


How to kill a Rorq with this update:

Be in bombers bar fleet and drop a cyno inhib. Hope that no recon gets there within 1 minute. If it does, just kill it and wait out the 5 minute panic timer (which CCP will probably reduce to 1 minute soon)

Like no alliance in Eve (apart from goons) will be able to subcap out form a bb fleet within 5 minutes and then get to the rorq.

No one in their right mind will field a rorq after this update. No one will ever make back their investment.

I see CCP have a hard on for isk sinks but have you ever looked at a real economy? Austerity kills moral and unfortunately for you CCP, this is only a game so people can just leave.


Such change will barely touch capital drop threat (umbrella= “zontik”) in lowsec from bigger communities (like Sholupen, Snuffbox etc…) because price tag is not an issue in this case.
On the other hand, moving ma peaceful “suitcase” Moros across will be much more risky and expensive than before (price of cynoship plus time of training an alt).
So, it would be nice if CCP will elaborate this upcoming change a little bit.

Thank you!

P.S.: also, don’t forget that there are some ‘first-aid’ solutions requiring little or no coding regarding capital omnipotence in lowsec already announced (Cyno Inhibitor buff):
Cyno Inhibitor buff

So many salty cap nullbears used to CCP coddling their gameplay and are now angry their invincible gameplay is being nerfed everyday.

If you undock a capital you should never expect it to live forever, the whole no risk ideology is so, so mind numbing.

A lot of people are also complaining about a need to JF’s, which is untrue since they literally have no cyno on overview anymore, they can quite literally cyno at every safe without being caught.

And those people who are angry they can no longer drop 50 supercaps on a roaming fleet, GOOD! Supercap projection has been far too oppressive on anything that breathes in major hostile nullblock territory, now you have to undock real ships that roaming gangs can actually fight.

Cap fights will require their alliance to have subcap superiority before dropping caps, such as clearing out enemy dictors before lighting a nearby cyno and warping dreads in, which I’m all for since it gives the previously-dying subcaps much more roles in cap warfare than just kill mail whoring.

Glad CCP decided to rough things up for nullsec residents, and I know a lot more pvp minded players are too!


Oh, I think I just found an explanation, but for me it seems logically false.

  1. It WILL NOT be more complex and demanding - you just pay little more do light a cyno - that’s all; and again - price is not a factor for biggies.
  2. I wish to disrupt capital response and how this change will help me?? I mean - instead of killing cyno-Gnosis I have to kill cyno-Rapier? Again - false logic detected.
    Sorry, but this change should be re-evaluated, bois, no offense.

Im getting angry reading this ****, this shouldnt happen in my freetime. EVE would be dead without easy cynos and supercap response, cause there had not happen many of the big fights you could read in papers.
You really force me to stop that game, i took all changes now, hated them all, but this is the final point i really cant handle.


Can i has your stuff? Look you cant fit cyno to every ship , how terrible , man the ■■■■ up, ya big blobin’ crying of a joke :smiley:


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wow, not bad! one more highslot for damagemod for my nyx instead useless cyno! Gj, ccp!

Player base has dropped down to 2007 numbers - but Eve is still not dead, yet :smiley:

Don’t fail at having your cyno on grid

Funny I am fine without easy cynos or anything that needs a cyno

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Interesting changes to say the least… a bit extrem though.
I don’t own cap or JF on my several chars, not my taste, so I’m not really impacted.

But from a real world business perspective, I hope you guys at CCP know what you’re doing. Shaking things up is good, EvE players are good at adapting and evolving, but like any species: up to a certain point. I’m sure you’re aware that the gaming industry is full of examples where things have gone sour after big changes.

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Just a tad dramatic

Everyone with a clue has long left. EVE is now being made by 3rd rate ex-player hobby devs. The Chaos Era thing is a tacit admission that they’ve screwed the pooch for the last 5 years, and have literally no idea what to do with the game apart from “experiment” with ideas they found on the suggestions forum.


CCP Take My Energy \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/