Chaos Era Continues - Cyno Update

So what exactly do you propose the Rorqual does that makes it an active ship, rather than a “Stuff an alt in it and ignore” ship.

Actually it doe snot matter what this guy would propose. The Rorqual is the ship CCP made it to - capital ship with excavator drones. And this makes it mostly solo ship which needs capital umbrella protection.

Implying that that isn’t what it is now?

Give it a moon mining laser: it can mine directly from a moon; or blast small chunks of moon up to be mined (much smaller yield overall but faster, in the short term) than can be done with the citadel.

Yes, infallible CCP.

Infallible or not but we are where we are. Changes you provide should be based on reality and not on “what should have happened in past”.

Amazingly a change could happen in the future as well. To something that keeps Rorquals active.

cyno change for industrial still makes no sense. using an indy cyno simply tells everyone a JF is coming. nothing else can use And still, a rorqual somehow is not an industrial. pure nonsense , terrible change

well for that honestly it really doesn’t matter. Anyone running a JF generally will be jumped and docked before anyone warps to the cyno on the overview anyhow. But yes having them only work on industrials is annoying asf.

Yeah, I want my suicide cyno back.

Like Blackout I think this was a big error. It’ll do more harm then good.

But… I guess that’s CCP. Their style of over-nerfing & smashing stuff up is consistent at least.

CCP you need to roll this craptacular change back before it is too late to recover at all. The downward plummet of players has resumed - this is as hated as the blackout do you not get it? Even your daily gimmick is failing to get people to sniff around. Your customers are moving on.

The idea behind BO and Cyno changes is simple, it is purely to get older players to adapt AND they are in never before seen numbers - They are finding other things to do with their spare time and money.

CCP will continue to say - The MER and other metrics they use are good and the game is doing well - because to tell the truth would see most of them having to write new resumes.
Right now I’d imagine putting “I worked for CCP” on your resume would not go down well when applying for a new job in the gaming industry.

900V does NOT endorse these changes !

Ordinarily sub numbers dip in the summer months and pick up in September. Look at the numbers in April/May… That’s where we should be at. Eve is struggling to get back to 30k on a Sunday so it’s not even at the point it was in July which is usually one of the worst months in the year for subs!


I have 3 capital accounts unsubbed because of this mess.

Make null sec great again. New content is the answer, I’ve spent years doing subcap pvp, I lost the pvp shakes ages ago, I’ve roamed in t3c, strats, hacs etc. been there done it and bored of it. Contrary to what the high sec carebears suggest, most null players in my experience have pvp’d to the point of not really getting a buzz out of it, at least when it’s at the subcap level… we’re forever chasing that high of the pvp shakes by using bigger more expensive ships, but the cyno change makes cap escalations non existent.

Give null something worth fighting over, incentivise us to lose our toys in massive trillion isk battles ala BR5 / UALX that we’re crying out for! Watch us unfuck the economy as we get to explode our caps…

Just wanted to re-post this bit.
This sentiment really needs to be driven home to those left at CCP who care about the game.

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So what is worth fighting over repeatedly. That won’t long term cause the same issue but even larger in size because of more wealth pouring in from the new thing.

If your goal is to have massive trillion ISK battles then why are you complaining about the fact that the suicide cyno ship got a bit more expensive?

Wars and destruction don’t create wealth, they redistribute it.
As for what is “worth” fighting over - Everything in Sov nul “could” be.

The current problem lies in the fact 2 things are holding back any “real” change to Sov warfare - You need Sov to build Supers and you need Supers to hold Sov.
Without more Supers than those you want to fight - You don’t fight.
Twice in recent years we have seen what could have been very destructive wars and in both instances the defending group got their most valuable assets (Supers) out of harms way well before they were at risk.

  • Problem - To stage a real war you need to stage Supers etc ahead of time
    The way jump mechanics work your enemy/target knows you are coming days if not weeks ahead of time, giving you two options - Stay and fight OR get your biggest assets out before they arrive.
    As you need Supers to take and hold Sov, getting them out before they are at risk is the preferred option, every time.

That doesn’t answer a thing. You named supers but supers aren’t something to fight over.
Which says you also don’t have the answer.

Sorry you didn’t understand my answer, maybe the problem lies with you.

Nothing is worth risking everything in the current state of the game but that could change IF THE ISSUES WITH SUPERS are addressed.
Right now enough Supers guarantees safety - Fix that and suddenly there is more chance for fights.
As i said, EVERYTHING in Sov is worth fighting over BUT the need for Supers to keep everything Sov related safe removes the incentive.

Fix Sov so it isn’t so painfully grindy
Rework damage caps and timers for ALL structures
Reduce the requirement for Supers to hold Sov
Fix the recent Cyno changes so they aren’t so ‘anti content’

Basically CCP need to do what should have been done as balance changes when this mess first began.
As you’d be aware, ALL these things have been addressed over and over in many threads for a long time.

Unfortunately, I don’t think CCP have the staff with the expertise to do anything more than “New Warp Speed Changes” or “Look at the Perdy New skins”.

So then why are you quoting posts saying you agree that CCP needs to add things worth fighting over.
You are literally contradicting yourself here.
So please.
Make your mind up.

Are there things worth fighting over or do CCP need to add them.
Supers killing fights is a separate issue to this question and a different solution.

You want CCP to fix something when you as a single person can’t even keep a consistent view on what the problem is.