I am up for sale:

wallet: 0isk
no kill rights
Jump clone: none
active clone:
char location: jita4-4
noteable skillbooks injected: Minmatar Titan (6B worth)

noteable trained skills:
Minmatar Dread 5
Minmatar Titan 5
T2 Siege (Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration 5)
Capital Autocannon Specialization 5

Starting Bid: 50B
Buyout: 57B


will do a buy out at 56b when i get up tomorrow start from 01 :00 eve time

alright, i am fine with 56B.
send the money to me ingame and let me know here, when you have done it please. It’s not exactly my TZ, but I will start the transfer asap after. =)

isk sent

Money and account name received.
Transfer started:
Thanks and enjoy the character.
best regards

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