What’s up with this warning about phising?

Website geblokkeerd vanwege phishing

Website Blocked:

v2.6.10 | Heuristics: phishing

Malwarebytes Browser Guard heeft deze pagina geblokkeerd vanwege potentieel kwaadaardige activiteiten.

Warning icon

We raden u met klem aan niet verder te gaan. U kunt uw veiligheid op het spel zetten door deze website te bezoeken. Ga voor meer informatie naar Support voor Malwarebytes.

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Website blocked due to phishing
Website Blocked:

v2.6.10 | Heuristics: phishing

Malwarebytes Browser Guard has blocked this page due to potentially malicious activity.

Warning icon

We strongly advise you not to proceed any further. You can risk your safety by visiting this website. For more information, visit Malwarebytes Support.


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@Torlin_Valric do you have issues with other 3rd party apps?

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No, this is the only one.

Seems its a false positive. madsam is reporting it as such.

You are the first to mention it so we are getting it remedied.

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I don’t even use cookies…

Yeah, I am currently reporting it at their forums…

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They ask for the log tho, dont have one since I dont use that tool.
If any1 is willing to share one here or with evemail, “Madsam Beacon”, I would appreciate it.

Instructions on how to get that log is here:

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Their answer:

“We do not show either the domain nor the IP which the domain resides on in our database, was this perhaps a Browser Guard block? You’ll need to get that info from your users so we can sort it out”

Source: Please review blocklist status for - Website Blocking - Malwarebytes Forums

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The warning was from the browser guard.

Thanks @Torlin_Valric , I am installing that atm. Hopefully I get the same warning and be able to provide my logs to their support.


Installed it, used Browser Guard, no errors…

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I do still get it.
First i log in eve online, then go to and choose log in to eve. After choosing a character and clicking authorise i get the warning.

Delete your message above @Torlin_Valric.

You should not share that information from the url above, especially the ‘code’ part.

Also, check for updates, Malwarebytes support don’t see any problems on the site.

Deleted the url part, what is the worst that can happen with the code part?

I updated the browser guard but it was updated to the latest version (8 sept) and tried the site again, still get the warning.
My browser is firefox, no idea if that makes any difference.
Ticket send to malwarebytes about this, lets see what they find.

I got a response saying they will get in contact with the browser guard team and get the site whitelisted.
They told me to continue past the warning but all i got was “Exception:Authorization code is invalid.”

I did use the site a few weeks back when selling a character and i had no problems then.

Works like a charm now, no warnings or errors.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention though.

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