Tools4eve going offline, good job CCP

CCP stop dragging your feet and get these people approved to the Eve Partner program!! They add SO much value to the game!!


Not sure what value you think that site adds. No need to pay them PLEX every month, just cut and paste everything to a text document.

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As an example there are service providers like the USIA that rely on that website to track the progress of their standings service, also, there are also a lot of good tools that are used by players all around. If the issue is the plex giveaways to the developer, then outright deny their application to the Partner program, don’t drag the process around for years as they did in this case.

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They aren’t doing anything.

That website is literally just a list of links to other websites.

Thats the main domain. Like is one of the tools maintained. Wheh tools4eve shuts down so does the skillboard currently used and authorized by ccp for character sales


The poor leadership and decisions at CCP is killing the community. They need people in charge of game design that LOVE game design and have played games all their life, including EVE. I mean otherwise the game will be ruined and people will stop caring about it. Its not really a money thing :slight_smile:


The websites you mention, are subdomains of the same domain that provide different tools that I personally have implemented.

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Well, if you want to pay the webhost, I’m sure they will continue hosting for you. Feel free to spend your money as you please.

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This isn’t a post about minerbumping…


Stay on topic miner.

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Have you even looked at the website? Its full of tools, and not to mention that their skillboard tool is the one that CCP endorses for use in the Character Bazaar forum…

What does that have to do with the site going offline?

This just doesn’t seem like that big of a deal to me, and it’s not the first time the “official” skillboard has had to change because the current one went away.

If you want money, you have to earn it.

This website just wasn’t good enough.

All I’m saying is that if CCP was of that opinion, then they should have said it straight up and rejected the application, not dragged their feet for years as they apparently did.

This is what it’s posted on the website as the reason for it shutting down:

Main reason is that I have lost interest on providing external tools for Eve Online, since I have requested to join the Eve Partner Program 18 months ago, already having exceeded the requirements for years, and since then CCP has been stalling my application without any reason that I have been informed of and essentially ignoring any of my attempts to figure out why.
For the same reason I haven’t published any fixes/improvements/extensions I have already implemented.
You have a month to prepare to move your characters elsewhere and use other related tools.

If CCP didn’t want them in the Partner program, they should have just said it and rejected the application, not made the person go years without a straight answer.

Oh, you just need to learn some social skills so you understand. When you apply to something, and are neither accepted or rejected, that’s a good thing - they are giving you the chance to improve yourself and get accepted, rather than just rejecting you and crushing the dream. It’s up to you to get better and succeed, but you’ll never make it if you spend all your time on a video game forum demanding free money for a lackluster website.

I’m always on topic, carebear.

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Lol you of all people telling others to learn social skills and stating that touching grass is good? Do you even know what color grass is? :rofl:

You say lackluster website, but at least the developer tried to do something to help other players… what have you ever done to that end? I’m pretty sure you are the antithesis of a helpful person.