SkillQ vs Tools4Eve

Not satisfied with SkillQ. While I have filed a support ticket with CCP voicing my disappointment in their letting Tools4eve end, I also feel I need to say something here.

SkillQ does provide skills information, and levels…when it actually lets you see the character when a link is posted. But for me, most of the time Im also interested in standings and the ships can fly information.

SkillQ just feels unreliable. I also dont see sellers of characters going the extra mile to post screen shots of that kind of “value” information.

Does anyone get more in depth information beyond just the skills?

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Tools4EVE is better but I think it’s closing soon.
On the other hand, QSNA is better than SkillQ from what I’ve seen so far.

While tools4eve initally was created for in house use for USIA, we have moved to use qsna to continue providing the standings work we offer.

So for the character bazaar, we just need people to submit their characters there when selling? I just dont see many results when browsing the QSNA.

Also about SkillQ… when looking at some characters and expanding skills tree, I see skills that have no levels. does this mean the skills are learned and not leveled – like they have been extracted from ? I check my own skill tree as I am an original character and I only see the skills I have learned, or have in learning que.

You realize all these tools you’re listing are personal projects of someone and not CCP? Opening a ticket with your feelings against a tool shutting down is nothing they can help you with.
Building eve tools is a pretty thankless things to do, where the majority of people who reach out to you are just going to complain, demand new features etc etc.

If you have questions about skillq, you can talk to Squizz (creator and maintainer of as he is the owner/operator.

Well seems CCP has something to say about it since they are the ones in the character bazaar posting the links.

There is also some history with Tools4eve and CCP that you may not be aware of so your comment does appear as you are not quite in the know, and you just want to say something about someones feelings. Thanks for posting to this thread as you did nothing to progress it.

I feel like I have some experience with the character bazaar. My website was the official website people on the bazaar had to use for 3 years. I took over for when the move to ESI happened and Chribba didn’t have the time to update his skillboard.

CCP will find another ‘official’ skillboard to update on the forum rules. There have been I think 2-3 that have come and gone since I turned off eveskillboard


Thanks for your service to eve.

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Basically the creator of T4E made the site for USIA since they are a staff member. When skillevie shut down (first replacement to eveskillboard) it was encouraged that T4E be used for the bazaar. The creator also made several other tools useful like agent finder etc.

Well upon opening access up for bazaar etc. They applied for partner. 18 months go by and no response from ccp. So even though it was initially our in house tool, since ccp burned them, they shut it down. Skillq doesnt help us, but we adapted to using the other board QSNA.

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