Can one blacklist third party tools?

I’m working on a ‘pvp hotspot checker’. I have the data working, still have to slap a skin on it. My goal is to make it useful for some people to circumnavigate trouble, and tie into waypoints. Since it’s ultimately to avoid trouble, last thing I want is easy access for it to that trouble, but I want to make it available for others.

Provided I state certain groups are disallowed, and require api access to read it, am I allowed to present data to everyone but them? Is falsifying data delivered to certain groups illegal? Mind you, I wouldn’t ask for payment for services, and would already have stated they aren’t to use it.

There’s plenty of whitelist sites out there, where you have to pay for services, this is kinda the opposite, not asking for payment and want to take it away from some people.

What’s the philosophical viewpoint of others on this one? Anyone have a GM clarification to pass along?

Make a support ticket and ask the GM’s.

(In general, requiring payment is not acceptable.)

Blocking some people, allowing other people, should be just fine.

If you request ESI access, you must let people know why you’re doing so, and treat them fairly. So falsifying data is somewhat iffy.

To that effect, I would not be adverse tossing in the conditions for use that aggressive actions against my corp will result in spoilage of data for aggressors. Alternatively, just lock out some people. Heck, maybe even just send a bill for lost income or ships to people who aggress me for continued use.

There are PLENTY of resources that are pay to use. Send isk to certain person, that character is approved, and tool works when they log in with sso.

@Steve_Ronuken meant RL money. Charging in game currency is fine.

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Sorry I didn’t make that clear, @Felyza

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