Character buyers be aware from scam contracts

It looks like scammers have started taking an eye of the Character Bazaar and they are now issuing scam contracts for billions of ISK. It may have been going on for a while, but I have recently experienced this. Now, this is somewhat of a gray area; Scamming on the Bazaar is prohibited. However, Scam contracts in game are not. Therefore, I would like this to be stickied to bring awareness of both regular and new Character buyers, especially for purchases of large amounts of ISK.

One may ask, how do you know what a contract scam is? My answer is you just do, when someone you don’t know posts a private contract to you (worth a few million ISK) for 100Billion ISK

If this is indeed stickied, I would propose to keep a list of known contract scammers here.

@ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode thoughts?

Not exactly the right area for it, but yes, scamming on Character Bazaar is illegal. Scams in other parts of the game though, are allowed. I’m going to move this to Crime and Punishment for you.

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So what exactly does the two have do with each other?

We all know scamming in the bazaar is illegals’ and will get you banned. So don’t do that…

Ingame scamming is not? What is your point? You go off into a tangent about the bazaar and then say beware of the ingame contract scams?


The miner might need to calm down first.

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How much did you lose?


Are scams period around character trading disallowed, or just scams on the Character Bazaar around character trading?

Edit: my understanding is ALL character trade scams are against EULA, and the OP specified contract scams related to character trading.

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I didn’t accept the contract obviously, but it was 95Billion worth.

So I’m guessing a buyer agreed to a price in the bazaar and the actual contract had an extra zero or two?

Real life skills interpose with some Eve skills i.e. always read the fine print before signing.

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That cannot happen and would result in a ban as scamming in the Bazaar comes with heavy repercussions.
I’m talking about scammers observing Character transfers going to certain people and aiming contracts at them.

Why obviously? It is most common people come here to “warn” others, after they have been scammed into oblivion themselves.

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Ah. Well, that’s normal gameplay, and doesn’t really require any more warning than ‘don’t trust anyone you don’t personally know’.

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I get random contracts sent to me when I speak up in jita local or the newbie chat channel. This is nothing new.

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If you obtain a mining permit, you will no longer have to worry about scams.


I start to understand the scheme, clever. Is it issuing a scam contract to a char which has the transfer ISK value in its wallet during transfer?

I think you’re reading too much into it. This appears to be someone pretending that, since scamming in the Character Bazaar is prohibited, some people might not realise it is allowed in game and hence fail for scams not related to character transfers at all.

Incredibly silly, confusing, and poorly explained, but that is what this thread appears to be about…

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Yes, for a price around the Character Purchase price.

I wonder what was the key to make you think this contract should be accepted?

Human error. Often, people who deal with large (or any for that matter) amounts of isk work on multiple screens or have a lot going on in the game. A misclick could do it. If it didn’t work, the scammers wouldn’t do it.

But I mean, did you see how close the accept button is to the close button? Madness…

While on the topic of scams, my mining permit is due in 4 days.

Heads up it might be a tad late this time round as times are tough cause of those TrivialTurd Invaders that are more scary than you Code.!

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